Jason Hope – Investing In Arizona

Jason Hope Tech InvestorJason Hope, technology and philanthropic guru from Scottsdale, Arizona, finds life rewarding by giving back to his community. He believes in multiple philanthropic causes, from technology breakthroughs to research on aging. His name alone, Hope, gives rise to thoughts of bettering the world.

He grew up in Tempe, Arizona, and has a degree in finance from Arizona State University and also an MBA from their School of Business.

He focuses on causes that are innovative; causes that will propel Arizona, and the world, forward. One big focus is on anti aging research done at the SENS foundation. They, as well as he, believes that focus should not be on just a longer life, but having a better quality of life as well. They focus on, not just treating diseases, but trying to stop them from ever happening. This stream of thought is obvious in all that Jason Hope (@jasonhope) focuses on.

He knows that science and technology are the wave of the future. He also knows that connectivity via the Internet of Things (IoT) is where we, as a culture, are headed. As cities get more connected in our every day lives, technology has to continue to grow with that. We strive for and demand more data, more connectivity, more instant access to people, places, and things, and Jason Hope speaks to that access and gives to those companies who can help better our technology.

Jason knows that the Internet of Things is already making customer service better in our lives, but that we still have a long way to go. Security breaches and bugs, along with ever-changing technology, are just some of the obstacles that we have to overcome to make the transition to more automation-based customer service and, eventually, streamlining customer service in all facets of life. He knows that “live person” interaction will be better spent on real problems by allowing automation to handle simple tasks that don’t require speaking to someone.

Jason Hope has his finger on the pulse of what our scientific and technological future looks like and is doing all that he can to ensure that he helps as many people and businesses as possible to make that future a reality.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Serves Austin, Texas

Capitol Anesthesiology serves many of the hospitals and surgery centers in central Texas. Some of their clients include: Seton Medical Center, Seton Northwest Hospital, Seton Williamson County Hospital, Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, Northwest Surgery Center, Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, Inspire Surgical Centre and many others. They provide their services in general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, monitored anesthesia care, pediatric anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, and cardiovascular anesthesia. They have a full list of their services in their main website.

The physicians of Capitol are involved in several philanthropic ventures in Texas. They provide services for Austin Smiles, which serves as aesthetic reconstruction for misfortunate children in Texas and Latin America. They are also involved with the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach to provide surgical service to children in poverty outside of the United States. They also work with Operation Smile to provide cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries to children in low income countries. You make find a complete list of their charitable activities on their website.

Capitol Anesthesiology works with the Dell Medical School. They give classes to aspiring nurses, nurse anesthetists, paramedics, medical students, and medical residents that are attending their classes.

Fabletics Models Itself After Apple And Offers Men Fashion

The fashion industry is more popular than ever. While women have always been the more fashionable gender, there has been a gathering of men in the fashion industry. A growing number of men are taking an interest in fashion. They are also learning how to find their own style. For one thing, they are also getting to experience some of the more unique items they could find. As a result, Fabletics is expanding to offer men a section of clothing. That way, they could account for the growth of the fashion industry and also take advantage of the new opportunity to reach men.


Fabletics is handling themselves in a way that is similar to Apple. For one thing, they are making sure that they are offering products that are not only working well, but are also highly desired. This secures Fabletics as one of the successful brands in the online fashion industry. As people find that their clothes not only look good, but last longer than many other fashion companies, then they will want to buy more of the clothes. Fabletics makes sure that they offer products made from durable items. One thing they want to do is make sure that the items will retain their look for a long time.


People not only want items that look good, but they also want items that will last them a long time. One thing that is very frustrating for people that have taken an interest in fashion is that the items that they love have become damaged to the point that they can’t wear it anymore. It becomes even more frustrating when the item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Fabletics makes sure that people do not have to have this experience. This approach makes it so that they compete with companies such as Amazon.


One thing that Fabletics shows is a great strategy from the people in charge. The company has also shown that it is straight forward in its thinking. The creators of the products have taken the time to ask themselves what they want. Among the most important things in a product is durability. Even if the product is out of style, all a person wants is clothes that he can wear. When it comes to styles and other aspects of clothing, he can figure it out. Men and women both love fashion that looks good and is durable.

Don Ressler: A Career Of Beauty

Don Ressler has shown that he is very passionate about fashion and beauty. This is one of the reasons that he has gotten involved in the fashion industry. When one gets involved with fashion, they find themselves immersed in a world. Of course, a lot of people take an interest in fashion because they want to be either in style or stylish. However, the more perceptive types of people realize that fashion and style is not about being cool or impressing others, it is more about self expression. People do not have to conform to any type of stylistic restriction in order to be considered stylish. As a matter of fact, Don Ressler wants to broaden a lot of horizons.

One of the things that Don Ressler has looked into is the athletic clothing industry. This is where he has seen a gap in the market. People have found that the fashion industry does not have a lot of diversity in the active wear section. This is where Don has decided to bring forth Fabletics. Fabletics has given a little more variety to fashion so that people will be able to explore their own style. They also learn to accept themselves and their styles.

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One thing Don is also trying to do is make sure everyone can feel good about themselves. He also wants to take some of the pressure off of people who want to gain approval. One thing that he’d rather people not do is try to keep up with the latest trends. Instead, he wants people to put together their own look. This is one of the reasons that he has put together the business model of TechStyle. Not only will people be able to buy the products at a discount, but they will also be able to get some products shipped to them for free based on the types of products they use.

Fabletics has a social media presence in many different platforms. They do more to engage the customers than just post promotions. They also talk to the customers that have questions about products, the company, or any aspect of the promotion.

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The Importance Of Online Reputation (And How To improve It)

The internet has become one of the most important ways to create a name for your business. Just think of websites like Google + that allow you to receive reviews from a variety of customers. These sites are a powerful way to connect with your customers, to gauge their satisfaction, and to learn what kind of reputation you have in the real world.

Poor reputation online can quickly spread, especially if a particularly bad review goes viral. This will make an almost infinite number of people quickly get a bad idea of your company. Unfortunately they will have the impetus to avoid your business, believing it is a bad place to go. That’s why an online reputation management company is so important.

So just what is an online management company and what do they do to help you? That will be discussed in more depth below, with an inside look into what one of the most reliable and trustworthy reputation firms on the web today: Status Labs. Understanding this company and what they do is crucial to keep your company’s reputation riding high.

Who Are Status Labs?

Status Labs is a Los Angeles-based reputation company that works to identify your online presence and to find a way to improve it. For example, they will spot any instances where your reputation is falling and come up with a solution for improving it. This may include a new PR campaign, digital face lifts that can change the look of your social media, and even searching for positive reviews.

The idea is to identify weak points of your online presence, to let you know where these points lie, and to not only fix the problem but to teach you how to avoid them in the future. This often requires a very exclusive and expensive examination of your online social media, a revamp of your social media staff, or even an expansion of how it is pursued.

Status Labs was recently featured in the “Inc 500” list of “Fastest Growing Private Companies” and has worked with a variety of high-profile companies, including the New York Times, the New York Post, and many others. Their skills in managing the online reputation of their clients has made them one of the most respected, promising, and rewarding companies to work with.

Get Your Reputation Cleaned

So if you believe your company or even you as an individual has an online presence with either a weak reputation or one that could use a boost, please don’t hesitate to contact Status Labs for help. They will work hand-in-hand with your particular needs to identify a way to improve your profile and bring more business to your company.

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Vijay Eswaran a Businessman, Author and Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman born on October 7, 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran’s mother was a teacher and his father worked with the Labor ministry, which kept Eswaran moving from one part of Malaysia to another. Eswaran currently serves as Executive Chairman of the QI Group. The QI Group has regional offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore with subsidiaries in 10 countries.

Eswaran co-founded the multilevel marketing company in 1998 after returning to Asia. The business would eventually become the QI Group, an e-commerce based conglomerate with business in a variety of areas such as travel, media, telecommunications, wellness, luxury products, and corporate investments.

Before Eswaran obtained all of his success he attended the London School of Economics in 1984, earning his degree in socio-economics. After graduating Eswaran performed a number of odd jobs. He was a cab driver in London, he picked grapes in France, and worked construction in Belgium. In the UK Vijay Eswaran was exposed to binary system marketing and obtained a professional qualification from CIMA. He later obtained his MBA in 1986 from Southern Illinois University.

During this period Eswaran worked for Synaptic in the U.S. while working with multilevel marketing part-time. Once he returned to Malaysia Vijay Eswaran was approached by Cosway Group about starting up its Phillippines business, at that time Eswaran began to take working in MLM more seriously.

Vijay Eswaran is a public speaker, philanthropist and author. His books include, In the Sphere of Silence, published in 2005. Eswaran’s second book, In the Thinking Zone was published in 2008. His third book published in 2010 was 18 Stepping Stones. Vijay Eswaran also published a collection of his photography entitled, On the Wings of Thought in 2011.

Full Cycle Appoints Sam Tabar As Its COO

Full Cycle Energy has announced the appointment of Sam Tabar as its new chief operating officer. The announcement was made last December. In this new arrangement, the former director of strategy at Merrill Lynch will join the clean energy funding company to continue spearheading new ideas that will revolutionize the sector.

Tabar could not hide his joy after the announcement of his appointment. He praised Full Cycle’s efforts to save the environment and manage global warming. Sam promised to use his years of experience in management to ensure that the company achieves its goal of enabling everyone to access clean and affordable energy. He noted that the journey would be difficult, but with dedication and hard work, it would be possible.

One of the main problems that Full Cycle is facing is how the public views alternative fuel options. At the firm, Sam Tabar will be charged with duty of using his legal knowledge to help change this situation and rescue humanities from the adverse effects of using with fossil fuels. This information was originally published on Turing Store as provided in this link http://turingstore.com/sam-tabar-and-full-cycle-energy-join-forces/

Full Cycle Energy Fund was founded in 2013. It has the duty of owning and financing projects that would help to solve the costly environmental problems by using clean, friendly, and affordable solutions. This is geared towards ensuring that the world has access to such energy solutions. Some of the projects that the company has funded include those that generate electricity from Municipal Solid Waste and retrofitting current power plants to operate in a clean way.

Sam Tabar is a successful capital strategist and attorney. Although Tabar is known for his unique and successful business strategies, he started his career as an attorney in the New York State. He worked for the Skadden law firm. Sam has extensive experience in hedge fund management. As an associate attorney, he provided clients with advice on how they could form and structure their hedge funds. In addition, he worked for several companies such as Hong Kong’s PMA Investment Advisors. He holds MA and BA degrees from Oxford University. In addition, he has a law degree from the Columbia School of Law. Tabar is multilingual. He speaks fluent English, French, and Japanese.

Marc Sparks Is A Dedicated Entrepreneur

In 2015, a decision was made to move the offices of Timber Creek Capital. The reasoning behind the decision to move, as noted by principle Marc Sparks, focused on boosting collaboration. Collaborations are launched by businesses for one reason: to increase the chances of success. Marc Sparks is someone who absolutely knows what success entails.


Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur who never sits still. The image of the self-motivated entrepreneur is presented so much it becomes somewhat overused. Such is not the case with Sparks as he never really rests idly. Marc Sparks is always moving ahead with new plans, strategies, and ideas.


As a young man in Austin, TX, he launched his first startup not too long after graduating high school. Over the years, he has been involved with roughly a dozen startups. The grand journey of being a serial entrepreneur gave Sparks a tremendous amount of “real world” experience necessary to make his endeavors successful.


All of his experiences come through in crystal clear detail to those who read the exceptional book he wrote titled “They Can’t Eat You.” The odd title is perfect for the book, a tome that chronicles the ups and downs of his business adventures. Mercifully, there were more ups than downs. The value of the book is in the lessons it presents. Anyone who wishes to become a successful entrepreneur does need to examine the life stories of those who have previously succeeded at their endeavors in life. Marc Sparks’ book absolutely does a nice job of helping those who are looking for advice and guidance.


Entrepreneurism is not an easy professional career path to follow. Only those who are strongly motivated to succeed and, honestly, also possess a desire to assist others are cut out for being an entrepreneur. Marc Sparks absolutely does fit all these positive points and more.

To learn more about Marc  Sparks, visit www.marcsparks.com