A Look at Some Beneful Brand Dog Food That is Available for Sale at Walmart

Walmart offers almost 40 different Beneful dog products for sale at its retail locations and on its online store. Pricing at Walmart is very competitive when compared to other dog food outlets such as Petsmart and Petco. There are also two coupon offers right now on Beneful brand dog food. They include a three dollar off coupon code off a purchase of Beneful grain free dry dog food by Purina. Another coupon offer available at Walmart for Beneful dog food is a coupon for one free tub of 10 ounce wet dog food when you buy three wet dog food tubs from Beneful.

You may be tempted to go ahead and buy some grain free dry dog food at Walmart right now. They are offering a $3 off coupon and who does not like saving money on the things they need? However, what is grain free dog food by Purina you may ask. Grain free dog food is simply dog food made with no grains. It contains no rice, wheat, corn or barley. The grain free dog food will contain only real meat and fruits and vegetables. This type of dog food is also ideal for dogs who may be allergic to grains such as rice, corn barley and wheat.

Walmart sells Beneful grain free dog food made by Purina and it is available in two sizes. You can buy a 12.5 pound bulk bag for $17.98. This translated to about $1.44 cents per pound of dry grain free dog food here. A smaller grain free dry dog food bag is sold by Walmart. The smaller size is a 4.5 pound bulk bag. It retails for $7.88. This is about $1.75 per pound of dry dog food. If grain free dog food is unavailable for purchase at your local store you can always order it on line and pick it up in store. The coupon will be valid for both online and in store purchases.