Goettl HVAC Expands To Become An Even More Impressive Part Of The Las Vegas Business World

I have always enjoyed following how the Goettl brand of air conditioning and heating repair and service technicians have been working in and around the Las Vegas area; throughout my life I have always been aware of the role Goettl has played in the Las Vegas business landscape, which I feel makes the company one of the top options for HVAC service and repair in the area because of their long history of excellent customer service and expertise.

I was pleased when Ken Goodrich purchased the company a few years ago and vowed to bring the brand back to its position of success in the Las Vegas area, which has been made even stronger by the fact Goodrich has added the Moore Air Conditioning brand to his growing stable of HVAC companies in Las Vegas. Researching the Moore brand showed me that Goodrich has now added around 50 years of HVAC experience to the success he has achieved with Goettl in recent years.

Like Ken Goodrich I remember Goettl brand technicians appearing at my childhood home, but I do not have the same experience of working on HVAC units that Ken Goodrich had when working with his father as a child. The skills Ken Goodrich developed have been taken on by his new employees at Goettl where Goodrich now only allows jobs to be classed as finished when he gives his seal of approval.

The resurgence of Goettl in Las Vegas has been impressive for myself and has been completed with Ken Goodrich giving back to the local community in terms of his dedication to providing a successful platform for local people to enter the HVAC industry. I believe the development of the HVAC courses at the University of Southern Nevada will payoff in the future for both the Goettl brand and people like myself in Las Vegas.

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