Dr. Johanan Rand is the owner of the Healthy Aging Medical Center clinic. He started the clinic after training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. As a medical enthusiast, he is committed to giving his patients the best services researched on medical treatment. He mostly specializes in addressing ageing problems by use of a therapeutic model. This is done by addressing symptoms at the origin of the issue thus creating a lasting impact that patients always appreciate.

Some of the age-related conditions that Dr. Johanan Rand treats include, low libido, insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, night sweats among many others. His mode of treatment includes the use of regenerative medicine that is inclusive of each patient. Such services offered include anti-ageing therapies and weight loss programs.

In the case of anti-ageing therapies, ageing is the leading cause of individuals losing good hormones such as progesterone and testosterone. At the same time, terrible hormones start increasing such as insulin thus causing the body to store more fat. The therapy here is to administer bioidentical hormones which are hormones identical chemically to those existing within the organization. This will lead to higher energy levels, stable stamina and lower incidences of attack by diseases.

The HCG diet was also introduced by Dr. Johanan Rand to his patients. This diet aims to lose weight, and it was very successful. The diet takes advantage of a hormone released by pregnant women which ensures that muscles are not deteriorated when one is in the process of losing weight. The good thing with those following the diet is that they do not experience hunger even though it’s a low-calorie diet. Since the diet is easy to follow, it can be taken as a long-term remedy thus ensuring permanent results.

For erectile dysfunction, it comes about due to a reduction in hormone testosterone. This makes men to be quickly attacked by diseases. Since the bad hormones will be in large number, inflammatory conditions become more common. Such a problem is solved by treatment psychologically and replacement of hormones.

Nutrition which involves balancing all types of consumables and doing lots of exercise according to body requirements is key to a healthier life. It helps from contracting old age-associated diseases.