ClassDojo Raises More Capital

ClassDojo is a special application that is changing many classrooms in the world. The application creates a community between teachers, educators, and students. Just recently, the company announced that it had successfully raised twenty-one million dollars in the second series of venture funding. The capital is aimed at helping consistent communication about the student’s activities, behavioral and social development in school.


With adequate communication when the students are in school, the parents are updated about their children’s experiences at school and how they are behaving. This means that the parents are not shocked by the incidences that are mostly discussed at the parent educator meetings that are held only once in a semester. The application helps many students stay focused on their studies because they know that their parents will be updated on their behaviors and other activities at the end of the day.


ClassDojo application was invented by two gentlemen who felt that no any platform connected parents, teachers, and students. The two co-founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary said that the company had decided to rise the second round that ended in December 2015 so that they can use the money to grow their team and at the same time figure out the kind of content or features that can help the parents using the application. The users of the application will soon enjoy more services, even when the children are not in school.


Sam Chaudhary says that the main idea of the institution is to help the parents in the conversation they have at home with their children. The parents can use the help they get through the app at home to enhance learning and also the development of the children in school. Teachers can now use the application to plan their school activities and make them known to the parents every day. They can also use the application to snap photos or take videos throughout the day. These photos or videos can be used to show off the students in art or any other school activity.


The ClassDojo application was started in 2011, and since then, educators say that they have seen a lot of progress in school. At the moment, the app is used by more than eighty-five thousand schools in the country. The app faces a lot of competition from some of the upcoming tech companies in the country who want to connect teachers, parents, and students, but it has worked hard to maintain its position in the country.