Jason Hope – Investing In Arizona

Jason Hope Tech InvestorJason Hope, technology and philanthropic guru from Scottsdale, Arizona, finds life rewarding by giving back to his community. He believes in multiple philanthropic causes, from technology breakthroughs to research on aging. His name alone, Hope, gives rise to thoughts of bettering the world.

He grew up in Tempe, Arizona, and has a degree in finance from Arizona State University and also an MBA from their School of Business.

He focuses on causes that are innovative; causes that will propel Arizona, and the world, forward. One big focus is on anti aging research done at the SENS foundation. They, as well as he, believes that focus should not be on just a longer life, but having a better quality of life as well. They focus on, not just treating diseases, but trying to stop them from ever happening. This stream of thought is obvious in all that Jason Hope (@jasonhope) focuses on.

He knows that science and technology are the wave of the future. He also knows that connectivity via the Internet of Things (IoT) is where we, as a culture, are headed. As cities get more connected in our every day lives, technology has to continue to grow with that. We strive for and demand more data, more connectivity, more instant access to people, places, and things, and Jason Hope speaks to that access and gives to those companies who can help better our technology.

Jason knows that the Internet of Things is already making customer service better in our lives, but that we still have a long way to go. Security breaches and bugs, along with ever-changing technology, are just some of the obstacles that we have to overcome to make the transition to more automation-based customer service and, eventually, streamlining customer service in all facets of life. He knows that “live person” interaction will be better spent on real problems by allowing automation to handle simple tasks that don’t require speaking to someone.

Jason Hope has his finger on the pulse of what our scientific and technological future looks like and is doing all that he can to ensure that he helps as many people and businesses as possible to make that future a reality.

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