Anil Chaturvedi And his Pursuit in The Banking Sector.

The banking sector is among the promising and attractive carriers anyone could dearly dream to work in especially when they want to grow and develop their financial pursuits. This sector enriches people of this kind with experience of the highest degree in banking investment. However, Anil Chaturvedi is among those who truly understand the banking sector having gained constructive experience in this field. He is super-experienced in private banking, commercial banking and investment banking which grants him a position in seasonal banking. Anil Chaturvedi has always focused his professional pursuits on banking matters, and his great ambitions and hard work has always yielded great incentives in as far as banking is concerned. He is pretty aware that to be successful in the banking sector you need to be patient and persistent.

Having started chasing his carrier back in 1971, Anil Chaturvedi graduated with Honors in Economics from Indian Meerut University. Before that, he pursued further studies at Delhi University in 1973 where he received a masters degree in Economics. This rich educational background contributed immensely to his progress in the business world. His passion and ambitions in banking have seen him work in different financial organisations in the world.

Anil Chaturvedi has held different prestigious positions in his carrier ranging from branch manager at the State Bank of India to the Country Head for North America. His hard work and input at the Indian State Bank, however, cannot be ignored. He is the reason behind the substantial growth of this bank when he was a Branch Manager. Taking over as the Country Head for North America also proved how passionate he was in this sector. Before that, Anil Chaturvedi has also worked at New York-based bank popularly known as ANZ Grindlays Bank and currently he is working as the Managing Director in Private Banking for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland.

Anil is a busy and hardworking man with great ambitions and goals in the finance-banking sector. He is purely dedicated to fully utilizing and exhausting the rich knowledge and experience he has from the banking sector to make the banking sector grow to the conformist.

Igor Cornelson: Expert Brazillian Investor

Igor Cornelsen is an investment advisor that is known to be a quick thinker. The reason he is such a quick thinker is that he thinks for himself. He does not rely on any other influences or professions. He sets a goal for himself and seeks to conquer it. Another thing that makes him such a quick thinker is because he operates solely on facts, not opinions. Cornelsen attended the Federal University of Parana. There he majored in engineering until deciding that he wanted to switch his major to economics.

Upon graduating college, Igor went on to work at an investment bank. Having learned the essential skills of calculating interest rates and understanding sliding rules, it didn’t take long for him to be promoted to work as an investment banker in Rio. Igor Cornelson was the best in his class. His ranking soon led to another promotion. In 1974, he became a member of Multibanco on their board of director’s team. Two years after that he went on to become the CEO of the company. Part of what makes Igor Cornelsen an expert of his craft is his working experience. He moved from one job to another, learning new things while overcoming challenges along the way.

Once Multibanco was bought out by the Bank of America, he looked for the next best opportunity which turned out to be a career with Unibanco. Cornelson worked there for seven years until he went to work for Libra Bank PLC. After that, he went on to work at Standard Chartered Merchant Bank taking on a similar position from his past as a member of the board of directors. Then came the golden opportunity for Cornelson to branch off and create his own business in 1995.

One gift that Igor Cornelson has is the ability to perceive an upcoming trend in the industry before other well-known industry experts. It proves that his ability to think fast and logically based on facts is what works best for him. He also uses resources such as Reuters to get up to date real-time investment information. The information that they provide is unbiased and does not include any analysis, only to the point information.

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Equities First Holdings was established in the year 2002. The organization provides lending services to both individuals and organization that needs funding without having the bureaucratic aspect of verifying the loan purpose. The lending is security based for the customers and is determined through evaluation based on the risks and future performance associated with bonds, stocks and treasury securities. The company has a global coverage where they are in a position to finance the clients despite their physical location.

Equities First Holdings was created to fill the gap in the market through lending people backed with securities. The organization thrives in financing borrowers who do not meet banks’ lending criteria in a majority of the cases. Bank lending have become complicated with strict lending qualifications and increased lending interests that put off people. It is this category of people that the bank targets. The advantage of this loan is that it has a higher loan- value ratio as compared to normal margin ratios that rely on fixed interest.

One advantage of the borrowers in this category is that they benefit from lower fixed interest rates. The unique aspect about the organization is that it provides financing against publicly trading shares across the world. It helps continuity of the different businesses despite the strict bank guidelines. The organization is in a position to monitor the progress of the stocks in the stock exchange. In Australia the organization has a team of passionate people that strive to make the business a success.

This has helped the organization penetrate the market in the recent past hence increasing the customer base in Australia. The organization is based on integrity and transparency, and relies on legal and regulatory counsel before making any decision. The mission of the organization is to deliver maximum benefit with minimum risk to help their customers accomplish both personal and professional goals. The organization in this case, does not lose in any way as they are in a position to liquidate the collateral.

Equities First Specialties

Equities First Holdings, LLC benefits businesses and individual investors with securities based lending. Equities First is not like a bank they are an alternative shareholder financing solution. They provide loans based on the assessment of the risk factors, and the future success of the business in relation of the stocks, bonds, and the treasuries. So in a nutshell, they allow borrowers to use stock as collateral for the loan they need.

Since being founded in 2002 the company has set a trend among borrowers who are using stock as collateral in securing working collateral. Equities First has a large team of financial specialist who have been helping borrowers worldwide. They are Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a satellite office in New York City. And global offices located in Sydney, London, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. They have been effectively working with borrowers globally to tailor stock-based loans to meet their financial needs.

Banks can often have tight criteria for lending, making it difficult for some to get the loans they need. Borrowers who need to raise capital quickly or who do not fall into the credit-based loans, are finding they are not at a complete loss. The alternative methods of Equities First Holdings, has become a more popular way of obtaining loans. There are many benefits of a stock-based loan versus a typical margin loan. Unlike the stock-based loan, the credit-based or margin loan must be pre-qualified for, and must be used for a specific purpose.

Equities First specializes in a unique and effective approach to non-purpose financing. They have helped many with no restrictions on the loan. Borrowers are able to use the money for any purpose. This allows the borrower to have the means to obtain what is needed without restrictions to be used at specified location. The stock-based loans are non-recourse, which allows borrowers to walk away without any obligation. Even if the value of the collateral stock decreases.

Their specialty is providing an alternative way of providing loans to those in financial need. They deliver maximum benefits with little risk to the financial goals of the borrower. These loans are becoming a popular trend and can be beneficial to businesses of all sizes and individual investors who are meeting restrictions in obtaining their financial goals.