Richard Liu Qiangdong Brilliant Contributions To Chinese E-Commerce Market


Economic pundits have referred Richard Liu Qiangdong as the father of e-commerce in Asia. The soft-spoken Chinese billionaire has been on a journey, over the last two decades of defying the status quo on trading dynamics in China.

Like all successful people around the world, his journey has been a cocktail of good business moments as well as disappointing moments. However, he is a smart trends interpreter and he is gifted at making changes to suit the business environment. As the founder and the CEO of the most successful indigenous e-commercial space in Asia, he is a role model to millions of people around the world.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the greatest business negotiators in the world. He has been able to close deals, which in turn has made the the big and successful company it is today. In the last 48 months, Qiangdong was able to negotiate with Walmart and in return, Walmart has increased their shares to about 12%. Part of the deal was to increase the financial muscles in their expansive projects.

In 2014, Richard Liu Qiangdong was able to settle another deal with WeChat. The deal was worth more than $215 million. Although the scope of the deal is so detailed, Qiangdong wanted to use WeChat as a platform to reach more potential customers. Reaching to more customers through the platform has succeeded and Qiangdong through his company has experienced customers’ traffic in the last three years. These instances clearly show how Qiangdong is not only visionary but also a great negotiator. Refer to This Article for more information.

According to Forbes, the Chinese businessperson is worth more than $11 billion. This value indicates the efforts he has put in all his endeavors especially as the CEO and the founder of the revolutionary The Renmin University of China graduate has worked for this company all this life and his personal value is expected to rise.

Although he initially had a sociology background, his ability to understand and use trends is his greatest gift. For example, his early business interests were threatened by SARS outbreak. This outbreak meant that people would buy less from physical shops. The 2003 outbreak changed his view on business completely.


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