Kim Dao Remedies to Getting Rid Scars, Acne and Scabs




Acne is one of the most irritating skin conditions across the world. Most people feel inferior and ugly whenever they have some acnes on their face. Getting a way to get rid of them is another issue, but Kim Dao a YouTube beauty/lifestyle video blogger has a solution for you. She has been in the beauty for quite some time, and most of her remedies have been endorsed by lots of her viewers. Here below are some ways to get rid of acne, scars, and scabs according to Kim Dao.



Aloe Vera



According to Kim Dao, Aloe Vera is one of the best solutions to getting rid of scars, acnes, and scabs. It works like magic, and within a day or two, you will have noticed the changes. You are required to get a piece of Aloe Vera leaf dissect it and apply the sticky substance on the scars and the blemishes. For people who cannot access Aloe Vera, there are beauty products in the market to replace it.



Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple Cider Vinegar is another solution to help you get rid of scars and acnes. The product is known for reducing the redness on the skin as well as getting rid of the dead skin. To use the product, you are required to find a piece of cotton wool soak it in water for it to be wet; this also helps to ensure that the vinegar is not too strong for the skin. Then soak the wet cotton wool in the vinegar. What it will help is speeding up the process of healing the acne and scars.



Pure Vitamin C



After one week or a few days of applying either apple cider vinegar or the Aloe Vera, you will notice there are changes, but still, some pigmentation can be seen. Pure Vitamin C will help you to get rid of the pigmentations.






Kim Dao is one of the leading beauty and skin care video blogger on YouTube. She has hundred thousands of subscribers and millions of views. Are you are looking for a YouTube channel to guide you on how to solve a particular problem? Then Kim Dao’s channel is the best solution for you.

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