Bob Reina Helps You Find Your Inner Self

There are plenty of things to love and admire about the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is known as the very best in voice, data, and chat. That has not happened by mistake and that has not happened by pure luck. It has taken blood, sweat, and tears. That has never been something that has scared Bob Reina or anyone that works at Talk Fusion. They know they have to put the work in and keep getting better and better. They have been around since 2007, so this marks their ten-year anniversary, which is a great milestone for the company.

The reason they have been able to do this is because they have stayed current and they have listened to the customers. They have also never gotten too big for their britches. Also, they have kept active in the community. For example, Bob Reina made a record-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. That is the type of man that he is and the type of human being he is, without question. It is also encouraged with his employees, as they can give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. There are also thirty-day free trials of Talk Fusion for people that wish to try out Talk Fusion for themselves and see how great it works.

With Talk Fusion, they get video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences to name a few of the products. They know that if something is working from home, they have a lot on the line and a lot at stake. This is their life and this is their business. It is personal to them in the best way possible and that is why people are responding to it. It is hard to fake something like this in the business world as people can tell what is artificial and phony.

With the world changing each and every single day, now is the time to join Talk Fusion and see how it can change the lives of those that are looking to live a life that is completely and utterly true to their inner self.

Investment Tips Offered by Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is one of the largest nations in the world and is therefore one of the most attractive places to invest. Since it is among the largest nations in the world, it has a vast amount of space along with a very large population. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to expand business interests into the nation. One of the things that has made Brazil a great country to invest in is its high demand for infrastructure development and improvements on By being the largest nation in South America, Brazil offers investors plenty of great opportunities to invest in land and develop it. By investing in Brazilian infrastructure, investors will likely receive very lucrative returns for those who participate in this aspect of investing. Brazil also offers plenty of great investing opportunities in agriculture and natural resources as well.

Recently, Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen gave a few tips to those who are looking to capitalize on the lucrative investing opportunities in Brazil. His first tip is to focus on building relationships and networking with many people. He said that Brazil’s culture emphasizes the development of relationships. Therefore it will be important for investors to connect with the native population on a regular basis as it will lead to opportunities in the future.

As part of his tips, Igor Cornelsen has also said that investors need to be mindful of the many regulations and taxes that Brazil imposes. While the nation has experienced a considerable amount of economic growth, the government has looked to impose restrictions in order to protect and preserve the recent growth. As a result, Brazil has high taxes and restrictions on labor laws on LinkedIn. These are a couple of things that investors will need to keep in mind when looking to invest in the nation.

The third tip that Igor Cornelsen has given is that exchange rates and foreign currency transactions have restrictions. In order to make a transaction with foreign currency, investors will need to go to specific banks that have authorization to complete such transactions. Foreign currency also varies depending on the nature of the transaction as well.


Bob Reina Knows Something Wonderful When He Sees It

Bob Reina has always been one step ahead of the competition in today’s business world and that is not by accident. He tends to notice trends and how the market is going. One way he has done that is by keeping his eyes open and talking to the people. A lot of people were really getting into the Internet, text messages, and those types of things around 2007. It had not grown to the level it is at now where everyone has a smart phone, but it was headed in that direction. That is why Bob Reina knew it was time to do something about it. He decided to start up Talk Fusion as an all-in-one video communications product.


It currently offers video emails, video chats, video conferences, and video newsletters. As a matter of fact, in 2016, it won two awards because of the fact it has improved and they have taken steps to make sure it never grows stale. Bob Reina knew this product could really alter the course of people’s lives. He knew the job market was not great and people had few options. He wanted to give them as many options as humanely possible.


With this product, he has done that. Whatever type of business they want to start up or run, they can do that with Talk Fusion. As mentioned above, it has everything. Bob also creates a real positive place for others to work, which is why they love their jobs so much at Talk Fusion. They know they are working at a place where anything is possible and they are truly helping people. Not many jobs can say that. He offers his employees the chance to give out Talk Fusion to any charity they wish. He is also offering thirty-day free trials to those that want to try out Talk Fusion for the very first time.


In addition to that, Bob Reina is a big animal lover and supporter, which is why he made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. With Talk Fusion, it is all about doing good and helping out people.


Understanding the Millennials

Millennials this is a specific group of individuals aged between 18-24 years old. Social media and technology are one of their strongest suits. These are mostly students in campuses. Josh Verne ( is the founder and CEO of WorkPays. He is also the founder and CEO of Flocku, Flocku is a media platform that gives millennials information about campus life and issues that concern them.

John Verne is a well-established entrepreneur who has been in the business industry for so many years. Therefore Josh Verne, founder of Flocku, could grab the attention of most millennials. College students expect good information when they want to be good consumers. Therefore that means the information must be well branded. Their purchasing choice is easily smoothened due to the attraction of quality brands, to build a maintainable income flow.Millennials are a difficult generation to understand especially when a company wants to convince them about their products. Their language and way of communication need a group of people who can relate to them. To win the attention of millennials, brands need specific strategies especially involving to them on an individual basis. They will have to keep up with the latest trends and every aspect of the market. Great communication between brands of a company and the young consumers will create better results in future.

Flocku is an exceptional company that is managed by college students. It allows a one on one talk amongst the students, this enhances easier relations of the brands and the consumers. Flocku has over than 700,000 members. Its launch was earlier this year 2016.Its content has a massive audience of four million on a monthly basis. Josh Verne did not waste any second when he saw the chance of helping brands to have a better communication with millennials.The engagement is now smoothly accomplished. College students have greatly contributed to the success of Flocku.

Flocku and a company called Cystex partnered up to engage this generation on medical topics that mostly affect them. These topics are usually hard to talk about in public, Cystex found a way in which they can involve students to view and learn about these critical health issues. Josh Verne’s company has assisted many individuals especially the college students to grow when it comes to business. His company Workpays is also immensely thriving since the company is all about sales and retail, basic business owner’s needs.

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Adam Goldenberg And Self Appreciation



One of the issues that have long plagued women is that they have often compared themselves to the celebrities that were being pushed on the television screen. Often times, they often held themselves to impossible and unreasonable standards. As a result, they have found it hard to appreciate themselves for who they are. Among the things that they have noticed about the celebrities is their sense of clothing and fashion. For one thing, they often wore clothes that not only looked good, but fit them well. Fortunately, there is an alternative for women. They don’t have to look like one of the celebrities. They can instead put together their own unique look.

Adam Goldenberg has put together a clothing retailer by the name of JustFab with the purpose of helping women put together their own look. They could also explore different unique looks that will help them bring out a unique look that they will come to enjoy. They just have to sign up for a subscription service with JustFab and order the products that they are most interested in. Afterwards, they get to try it on and see how well it fits their body type. They will also be able to see that it looks good on them. As a result, they will feel better about themselves and how they look.

Adam Goldenberg does allow people to find their own style with the products that they have available from JustFab and the other brands. This gives women a chance to find something that works best for them. While many people encourage others to be themselves, they are not going to be able to be themselves unless they know themselves. With JustFab and related brands, people will be able to not only be themselves, but also love themselves. As a result, Goldenberg has put together a successful business with JustFab.

One of the goals of a fashion company and Goldenberg is not to just sell clothes, but to also help them feel better about themselves. For one thing, fashion is a large part of one’s self image. With the right style, people are not going to have to worry about what other people think about them.

See an interview with Adam Goldenberg on CNBC.

The efforts being made by David Osio to increase philanthropy globally

David Osio has been involved in a number of charitable courses over the past decade. He collaborates with a number of non-profit organizations in the communities where he develops his businesses. As his financial services continue to grow, he is embarking on taking his charities global.
When he was a member of the Miami Orchestra, Board, he supported the Miami symphony orchestra, (MSO). David stated that his company is really delighted to be in a position to support the orchestra for another year. He reiterated that he was happy their donations kept the company going year after year.

Another charity that he supports is the Children’s orthopedic foundation which he contributes to annually. He states that everything helps a low when it comes to the medical research aimed at helping children. He states that he hopes that one day; it will be possible to make a financial difference for the said cause.

David is the CEO of Davos Financial Advisory Group. He leads the company in all its operations in both the local and international markets. Under his tenure as CEO, the company has seen tremendous growth. He is the reason behind the increase in the income levels of the company. The company has its head office in New York. However, they have offices in major cities such as Geneva, Lisbon, Miami and Panama City. When the company goes to a new city, they look or a charitable cause they can support.

The other programs and charities that have been supported by the company include the Fundana foundation, the Wayuu Taya foundation and the Saludarte foundation of art in Miami. David has received international and international awards as a result of his charitable efforts.

David started his career in Venezuela after graduating with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. He first worked as a director at the legal desk in MGO. He offered legal counsel to multinational companies such as the consolidated bank and Ferro. He then took up a leading position in the Miami branch of the Banco Latino International. Ten years later, he completed his studies at the institution of Higher Administration Studies in Caracas. Later, he studied management of investment portfolios in the New York Finance Institute. David is the ideal example of a business leader that started from the ground, has built a company of great reputation and is using his position to give back to society.

How VTA’s Informational Products and Services are Benefiting its Clients

For nearly four years, VTA Publications Ltd has been a leading publisher of non-fiction distance learning tutorials, which span different topics. Besides this, the company has made a name for itself by being a prolific event organizer, which caters for specialist genres. The firm’s clientele is drawn from all over the globe. It has grown by offering cutting-edge solutions, which meet the needs of clients.


Since its formation, VTA Publications has endeavored to provide physical and digital services that are of unmatchable standards. It has particularly cut a niche for itself in the economics and financial domain. The company has equally been partnering with individuals who have unmatchable expertise in different fields. This ensures that the services offered exceed the expectations of clients. The experience of these experts enables the firm to come up with tailor-made solutions, which can easily be implemented by clients.


VTA’s Products and Services Catalogue


The company’s impressive growth is solely attributed to the advancement of award-winning products and services. The positive customer reviews evidences the firm’s commitment to the delivery of unmatchable services. Its most prolific publications include How to Trade Stocks Using Charts, and Retirement Planning from the Bible. In-depth research is undertaken to ensure that such advice is pragmatic, and meets the prevailing needs of the consumer market.


Founder Jim Hunt in Brief


 Mr.Jim Hunt is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at VTA Publications. He is similarly a recognizable financial advisor, who has saved many individuals and corporate entities from imminent financial ruin. Hunt made a name for himself while working in the money markets. His penchant for extensive market research, gave him a unique ability to isolate possible market upheavals. He also accurately predicts market trends that can slow down the operations of a business.


Jim’s role at VTA Publication is to lead a team of highly experienced financial experts whose role is to provide tactical outlines and investment tips. This not only targets upstart entrepreneurs, but also those who run established firms. He mainly focuses on helping investors to invest in ventures that have a high potential for profit. Hunt’s recent advancement, WealthWave has already been well-received in the financial services industry.

Keith Mann On The Importance of Higher Education

While grade school and high school can provide good enough education, the most important education that is needed is in college. This is the type of education that is needed for preparation for the real world. One of the reasons that college education is very important is that people get to choose their majors unlike other phases of education. Also, a lot of these majors go towards a career. However, this type of education costs a lot of money, and many people who do not have this kind of money often find themselves having to give up on college education.

Keith Mann is taking steps towards addressing this issue. This is especially a big thing for students that are coming from low income. For people that have very low income and no means to pay for college, they will not be able to attend college even if they have made a ton of money. Therefore, it is very important for people to have access to some kind of funds in order to be able to get the education needed to pursue some kind of career that they can make a difference through. So Keith Mann has not only partnered up with Uncommon Schools in order to put together greater educational institutions, but he has also raised funds in order to improve on the educational system.

Keith Mann definitely believes in overcoming. While he does empathize with those that are faced with huge obstacles, he shows a lot of admiration for people who do everything they can to overcome their circumstances. He has put together scholarships to give to students that are showing not only a willingness but a lot of skill and thought in overcoming their struggles so that they can make a better life not only for them, but their families.

Why Don Ressler’s Entrepreneurial Career is Inspirational

Don Ressler has had an illustrious entrepreneurial career. He is the brains behind a chain of successful e-commerce, media, and fashion enterprises. From a young age, he always aspired to be successful, a dream that has undoubtedly been realized. His innovative nature saw him starting his first firm, as a teenager. The startup was bought by Intermix Media.

Ressler is renowned for having a sharp eye for business. Following the acquisition of his startup, he formed a friendship with fellow young entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg, who was then the Chief Operating Officer at Intermix Media. Consequently, the two entrepreneurs, Adam and Don started Alena Media, which mainly dealt in content distribution and online advertisement. The firm would go on to become hugely successful because it was founded at a time when the Internet revolution was gaining traction.

Ressler and Goldenberg identified huge business potential that lay untapped on the Internet. This saw them team up with their employees at Alena to establish Intelligent Beauty. This independent brand marketing business mainly dealt in direct selling. Dermstore was its first commercially available service. This was an online cosmetic products marketplace. Dermstore was hugely successful, and paved was for the inauguration of SENSA, an Internet-based weight loss program.

The Establishment of JustFab

Don Ressler is synonymous with online fashion retailer, JustFab, which he cofounded with Goldenberg in 2011. This pioneering company has revolutionized e-commerce because it has made it possible for fashion shoppers to buy items from the comfort of their living rooms. JustFab has experienced incredible growth due to the dedication that the cofounders have towards the provision of exceptional products and services.

Ressler’s extensive connections have come in handy since they have given him the ability to expand the firm’s scale of operations. His penchant for thoroughness has similarly contributed immensely to JustFab’s remarkable growth. He led an expansion team, which saw the firm acquiring Shoe Dazzle, FabKids, and the Fab Shoes, all of which have been added to its portfolio. Owing to this, JustFab currently boasts more than six million subscribers.

In a bid to reach more clients, Ressler led the opening of stores in different parts of the US. He has similarly sought funding from different sources, something that has boosted JustFab’s expansion strategy . So far, investors have funded the company to a tune of more than 110 million dollars. Major investors include Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Crossover Ventures. Ressler was also pivotal in the appointment of Kimora Lee Simmons as JustFab’s president. This has boosted its market appeal.

Guest Satisfaction in Hotels

Terry Baltes Real Estate

The same way as travelers visiting various hotels anticipate to get amenities that used to be exceptional perks like premium linen, complimentary breakfast, and free WI-FI, the industry might be approaching a client satisfaction plateau. This is according to research conducted by J.D Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study.

The study measures how guest are satisfied in various hotels across eight hotel segments. The sections includes:

1. Luxury
2. Upper upscale
3. Upscale
4. Upper-midscale
5. midscale
6. Economy/budget
7. Upper extended stay
8. Extended stay

In determining the overall satisfaction of clients, seven fundamental measures are scrutinized in every segment. The measures include:

1. Charges and fees
2. Reservation
3. Check-in and check-out
4. Guest room
5. Food and beverages
6. Hotel facilities
7. Hotel services

Even though overall satisfaction has enhanced for a fourth successive year, this represents a much lesser increase than in recent years. In previous years, significant enhancement in charges and fees played a major role in enhancing the clients’ satisfaction. Between 2014 and 2105, the satisfaction with cost and fees upgraded by 25 points, it has only increased by one point this year.

Below are some of the key results from the study

• Just 3 percent of the visitors make use of online check-in, although satisfaction in check-in/check-out segment is highest among these visitors as compared to those who utilized any other technique.
• The three most essential amenities cited by visitors include breakfast, free WI-FI, and parking.
• Among visitors who posted something concerning their stay on social networks, three third of the posts were positive while the remaining part were negative.

About Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes is a real estate professional who owns several properties. He founded a company that concentrates on a broad range of property sales known as Commercial Realty Ltd. Terry Baltes has had a particular achievement with self-storage facility sales, and his firm is associated with a long sales record with this kind of property.