Marc Sparks Is A Dedicated Entrepreneur

In 2015, a decision was made to move the offices of Timber Creek Capital. The reasoning behind the decision to move, as noted by principle Marc Sparks, focused on boosting collaboration. Collaborations are launched by businesses for one reason: to increase the chances of success. Marc Sparks is someone who absolutely knows what success entails.


Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur who never sits still. The image of the self-motivated entrepreneur is presented so much it becomes somewhat overused. Such is not the case with Sparks as he never really rests idly. Marc Sparks is always moving ahead with new plans, strategies, and ideas.


As a young man in Austin, TX, he launched his first startup not too long after graduating high school. Over the years, he has been involved with roughly a dozen startups. The grand journey of being a serial entrepreneur gave Sparks a tremendous amount of “real world” experience necessary to make his endeavors successful.


All of his experiences come through in crystal clear detail to those who read the exceptional book he wrote titled “They Can’t Eat You.” The odd title is perfect for the book, a tome that chronicles the ups and downs of his business adventures. Mercifully, there were more ups than downs. The value of the book is in the lessons it presents. Anyone who wishes to become a successful entrepreneur does need to examine the life stories of those who have previously succeeded at their endeavors in life. Marc Sparks’ book absolutely does a nice job of helping those who are looking for advice and guidance.


Entrepreneurism is not an easy professional career path to follow. Only those who are strongly motivated to succeed and, honestly, also possess a desire to assist others are cut out for being an entrepreneur. Marc Sparks absolutely does fit all these positive points and more.

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Antique Arms Collector and Historian Michael Zomber


On June 12th, Michael Zomber appeared on the iUniverse Podcast to talk about his latest book titled Shogun lemitsu. During this interview, he discussed his inspiration for writing his latest book as well as his passion for Japanese culture. He would also talk about history in general during his appearance on the podcast.

For many years, Michael Zomber has had a passion for antique arms and has therefore collected many over a span of four decades. With his collection, he has looked to share his knowledge with people on a regular basis. When it comes to sharing his knowledge, he has used the History Channel as a main outlet. During his appearances on the History Channel, he has done documentaries on guns. However, this is not the only weapon that he is interested in.

The other type of weapon that Michael Zomber is very fond of is samurai swords. With his passion for samurai swords, he has written a number of screenplays which depict a number of events and conflicts during the samurai era. Along with writing a number of screenplays, he has also written a number of historical novels which talk about why these weapons are so significant. These novels have often stated that the samurai swords have had a high influence on both readers and historians alike. With his novels, he has established himself as an internationally known expert on samurai swords and the Japanese samurai era.

Michael Zomber and his wife own a film company called Renascent Films LLC. While he is very passionate about antique guns and samurai swords, Michael believed that it would be beneficial to participate in organizations that advocate peace. He has joined a number of organizations that provide education, provide healthcare and also look for ways to end any armed conflicts.

Michael Zomber lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his wife and two children. Before he became a historian, he studied literature where he earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of California Los Angeles. You can learn more about Michael visit social media sites which will give you more biographical information.


Danilo Diaz Granados Hosts a Tremendous Event For Miami’s Affluent Guests

Danilo Diaz Granados is the co-founder of Toys for Boys. This summer, Danilo masterminded an action-filled event for wealthy guests in Miami. The event, which took place in July, featured exclusive previews, excellent cuisine, helicopter rides, some bottles of Dom Perignon, moments at the racetrack and a boat ride when the sun was setting. Since 2013, when he co-founded Toys for Boys, Granados has hosted several awe-inspiring events for noble guests.

His primary intention was to create an event that will give once-in-a-lifetime experience to his guests. The privileged guests of the event were hand-selected and were treated to an intimate breakfast at the sales center of Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum. They also received a private review of the much-awaited residential construction in Miami’s Biscayne area. Every event that Danilo Diaz Granados creates aims at giving the guests an opportunity to have a connection with Miami’s extravagant lifestyle of entertainment, cuisine, and art.

Danilo and the guests later took a helicopter to Palm Beach Race Track for a 30-minute ride. Every man in the chopper had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and take a quick spin around the track. On the guests’ return with the helicopter, they were served with Dom Perignon champagne and later had lunch on the Miami River at the River Yacht Club, which was hosted by Dom Perignon. To wrap the day, Granados took his guests on a boat ride in the bay to enjoy the beautiful sunset. The guests were privileged to test two of the newest boats with the help of their great sponsors Technomar and Van Dutch.

Danilo is an experienced financial services expert. His specialties are real estate, hedge funds, energy efficiency, investments, merchandising and start-ups. He has worked as an Associate at Fireman Capital Partners since 2013. He holds diverse skills and interests, which he has used in various projects. He is the co-founder of Toys for Boys Boutique Privee, which is a luxury boutique offering unique, contemporary art, high-end timepieces and luxury cars. Danilo Diaz Granados attended and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Economics from Babson College, Boston, Massachusetts. He is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Edge of Glory Films, LLC, which focuses on interests and topics related to Hispanic.

Dick DeVos Brings Success To Many Different Areas Of Business

The life of the former President of the AmWay Group Dick DeVos has largely been played out in the public eye, which is why I have spent much of the last few months examining the work of Dick DeVos and the philanthropic work he carries out with his wife, Betsy. The first aspect of the life of Dick DeVos that made me admire both he and his family was the fact he had spent the majority of his time in education passing through the public school system of Grand Rapids, Michigan. After completing his education Dick has always made sure he included a range of varied interests in his life, which includes joining the AmWay Group in the mid 1970s to learn about the many different areas of the business; along with joining the AmWay team Dick DeVos impressed me by creating The Windquest Group to maintain his own investing career.

Dick spent most of the next decade exploring the various different departments of AmWay as he looked for the best position for his own career, eventually becoming the Vice President responsible for foreign business in the mid 1980s. As he took over the foreign policy of AmWay Dick DeVos found a much neglected department he transformed from being responsible for around five percent of annual sales in 1986 to more than 50 percent just six years later. The success Dick found at AmWay was exceptional in my eyes and was rewarded with his appointment as CEO and President of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise when it was purchased by the DeVos family.

The success I have seen follow Dick DeVos from company to company has shown me he is obviously an impressive businessperson who has more skills than have been revealed to the public. From 1992 to 2002 DeVos led AmWay to expansion into more than 50 countries before retiring from daily operations. I first became aware of Dick DeVos through the work of his Windquest Group that has made a series of investments in the Grand Rapids, Michigan region and beyond; Dick DeVos has shown me he still has an eye for a solid investment opportunity that shows he keeps his finger on the pulse of an ever changing world.

Sanjay Shah Brings Awareness to Autism with Autism Rocks Concert

It is becoming common to know or see children with Autism. Those children and their families rely on awareness of the spectrum of disorders in order to receive the services they need. Children with Autism are no longer guaranteed a life in an institution. Instead, thanks to parents like Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark, kids with Autism can live engaged, fun-filled lives just like their peers.


Despite the progress they had seen in awareness of Autism disorders, Usha and Sanjay Shah wanted to do more for their son Nikhil, who is autistic and other kids like him. They founded Autism Rocks, which aims to increase awareness of autism, funding for research and events for kids with Autism. Since 20014 Autism Rocks has put on concerts for families and popular artists like Michael Bublè and Prince have headlined the event.


This year, along with carnival attractions like a bounce house, BBQ and a petting zoo, the artists Flo Rida and Tyga will be entertaining the crowds. Their connection with teens and younger kids who love their music will extend the reach of Autism Rocks and bring awareness to an even larger and younger set of people.


According to Sanjay Shah, the whole concept for Autism Rock began one afternoon when he was entertaining Snoop Dog the rapper at his home. It was a surprise visit but as a well-established investment banker, Sanjay was no stranger to people with influence and money. Charity work has always been important to the Shah family and they had sponsored children in India frequently. His focus changed in 2011 when his youngest son was diagnosed with autism. The family had been seeking a way to contribute more to research and awareness globally for the condition. The idea of holding a concert to raise funds more or less came to Sanjay as he talked with Snoop Dog in his backyard.


Since that day the Shah family has been committed to raising funds for research. The proceeds from this year’s concert will go to the Autism Research Trust (ART). ART supports research by the Autism Research Centre (ARC) at Cambridge University, they study the cause and effects of autism.


There will be many excited families and children participating this year in Dubi. This event will kick off the 30 days of April designated as Autism Awareness Month. The more funding that researchers like those at Cambridge University receive, the closer we will be to really understand Autism