IC Systems Professional Collections Services and High Regards for Corporate Responsibility

For 80 years since it was founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC System has remained a family business for three generations providing Accounts Receivable Management services in North America. It is among the largest collections firm in the US that offers ethical collections whether commercial or consumer accounts at all levels of revenue management routine. They are bonded and licensed in all the 50 states and hence operate throughout the US collecting debts even in Puerto Rico and Guam.


Their clients include small firms and several brand sensitive Fortune 500 companies. They are based in St. Paul, Minnesota with a branch office at La Crosse, Wisconsin. Using technology, innovation promotion and an emphasis on data security in intelligent collections, they have been able to come up with upper-echelon client performance. The founding principles were the improvement of financial outcomes for consumers through ethical and honest service delivery. They have sought to follow and comply with current TCPA, CFPB, and 501(r) regulatory standards.


Being an accounts receivable company, IC Systems maintains a constant check on its practices to make sure they are updated with the industrial standards. They have a strong Compliance Risk Management System that carries extensive auditing, proper documentation, and demanding training.


Apart from being original creditors’ top provider of receivable management services, they have a social responsibility and giving back to the community efforts and commitment. Being part of the community is the firm’s belief and is a recognized employer in its neighborhood and city and have charitable events at the state and national level.


To ensure that they nurture and uphold a social corporate responsibility culture, IC Systems has institutionalized its efforts by founding an in-house philanthropic team. Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) was started in 1981 and organizes employees’ calendar of charitable events. ECHO comes up with means and ways to get employees to volunteer at philanthropic outreach efforts, manages community activities, and arranges donation events.


In 2016, they raised $32,000 and clocked 530 hours of community activities. ECHO liaise with other partners to come up with drives and events such as collection of food from local pastries. Some of the events they have taken part in are Toys for Tots, the Special Olympics, and the American Red Cross.