The Chainsmokers Discuss “Sick Boy” with Forbes

The Chainsmokers are the hit production duo responsible for the summer anthem of 2016, “Closer”. The group’s resume also includes hit songs such as “Paris” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”


Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have now chosen to reinvent their sound. The Chainsmokers have proven that they can churn out hit after hit for the party scene on a consistent basis. They have now moved their music to a darker mood. Their newest song “Sick Boy” contains politically motivated lyrics that are amplified by heavy drums and chilling piano. The song shows variety and that the band is capable of making music on a wide emotional spectrum.


Recently, the duo sat down with Forbes magazine for a short interview about their new song.


Drew Taggart, who performed vocals on “Closer,” when asked about how the song came to be created said that their label was really open to a new sound. Taggart explains how their record label has very loose rules on how they release their music. The band went from releasing a song every month to their recent nine-month hiatus. (More about Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)


Taggart cited the reason for the darker tone of the song is the changing mood of American society and the interviewer pressed him for more information on the subject. The Chainsmokers producer and vocalist said it was simply frustration. Taggart was frustrated with the public and how their perception of you, which isn’t entirely accurate, will eventually change you. The windows that can be opened into our lives with social media can only open so wide. The Chainsmokers are attempting to use their music to open them a little wider.


“We are all trying to relate to one another.”, Taggart says.


Taggart says the “Sick Boy” will not be the last song they hear from him with such dark tones. “We’re going to keep them coming,” he begins “[But] music moves so fast now…We want to do something different.”


The interviewer finished up the questions by asking what other producers they may be working with in the future, but Alex Pall wouldn’t corroborate. Read This Article for additional information.