The Many Endeavors of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a man of many acts. This guy is a very unique individual because he has so many great qualities. His love for his hometown of New Orleans has never been in question because he has always taken part in community events. This was demonstrated perfectly during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The storm devastated the Gulf Coast with strong winds and flooding-rain. Dr. Mark McKenna used his expertise to help the city in more ways than one. He was a main contributor for the redevelopment of the city by providing low-to-moderate income housing. Since the guy already had a solid business-foundation, he was able to help hundreds of people during this time of need.

Dr. Mark McKenna is known by many titles including a doctor, a philanthropist and a businessman. After completing his residency at Tulane University Medical Center, he founded numerous business-related ventures. This would include the companies of Universal Mortgage Lending, Uptown Title Inc., and the prominent McKenna Venture Investments. As his business-portfolio grew, so did his resume. During this time, his turnkey-businesses would include over 50 staff members. A typical day for Dr. McKenna would begin around 6:30 a.m., and it would end around 6:00 p.m. He spends a lot of time with his family as well as participate in JiuJitsu. Much of his success has come from active goal-setting and visualization. It would be extremely hard trying to find another guy that’s more progressive than this.

“I am a voracious reader,” said McKenna. He has stated that he always surrounds himself with progressive type of people that are actually smarter than himself. There are numerous routes to success in life and Dr. mark McKenna is demonstrating them on a daily basis. Though he is not a household name, he has done more than most high-profile celebrities and that speaks volumes. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is Working on New Opportunities

Because Rod J. Rohrich has spent so much time learning about plastic surgery and about how he can help those who are trying to practice in the medical field, he is confident he can teach other people everything they need to know about it. For Rod J. Rohrich, this means he needs to try and help others in every way he can. If that means he needs to run events and symposiums to get that information out there, he is prepared to do that. Dr. Rod Rohrich wants to make sure everyone knows they can do their best in plastic surgery and they can do what they need to make sure they are offering new opportunities to those in the industry.

As long as Dr. Rod Rohrich is helping people through the symposiums he has planned and with the events he is the chairperson of, he feels confident he can give them what they are asking for. The patients are the ones who will always benefit from the symposiums because the providers will see more opportunities for people to do their best while they are helping out other patients. Part of what has made Rod J. Rohrich so dedicated to each of his patients is the fact that he can give them what they are looking for.

For Dr. Rohrich, though, the patients are not the only thing he is focused on. He does like to focus on them, but helping other doctors is a huge part of what he does. He wants every other plastic surgeon to know they can use his techniques. By doing this, he is giving even more opportunities to other patients and to those who are in the industry. He has always had a desire to help patients and that means he sometimes has to help those who aren’t even his patients. To know more about him click here.

When he decided to do the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, Rod J. Rohrich felt he would be making an impact on the community there. He knew he would need to talk about the different things he had to offer and that would be his chance to help people realize what they were really supposed to do with their career. It was how he did it that enabled people to realize there were new options and they could try different things within the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery fields they were a part of.

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Dr. Imran Haque: The Brilliant Doctor at Horizon Internal Medicine

When it comes to a doctor of Internal Medicine in North Carolina, Dr. Imran Haque is a well known distinguished name in the field. He is the lead doctor at Horizon Internal Medicine, which is a clinic that is located in the Asheboro area. The clinic is considered to be the top choice for the community living around the area and sees numerous patients coming to them every day for the treatment of various ailments. Dr. Haque decided to start up his clinic after spending a considerable amount of time working at a top hospital. He wanted to be able to provide people with treatments for their ailments in a more accessible way. Before Horizon Internal Medicine, residents of Asheboro would have to travel a considerable amount of distance only to get their treatments for the conditions that they have. However, with internal medicine, these procedures are more accessible, which is why Horizon Internal Medicine is also considered to be an essential part of the community and a service to society.

Excellent service is one of the founding principles of Horizon Internal Medicine. Being a people’s person, Dr. Haque has always placed a strong emphasis on offering top-tier services to his patients. Dr. Haque goes out of his way to ensure that all the patients coming to Horizon Internal Medicine are well taken care of and receive the best quality of treatment. Dr. Haque likes staying updated on the latest developments in the medical field, which is why his clinic is the place that offers more effective treatment as soon as it is being implemented at top medical institutions.

Dr. Haque holds a medical degree from the University of Virginia and also has a degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). Dr. Haque has spent the last fifteen years working in the medical field and has offered care to patients who have been diagnosed with a range of diseases and disorders. Having this incredible amount of experience has helped Dr. Haque immensely in his career, which is also what has made him a brilliant business mind and leader at Horizon Internal Medicine.

The Cosmetology Surgeon; Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a native of Austin. Jennifer Walden was a student of the University of Texas, Medical Branch at Galveston. Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, is where Dr. Walden took part in an aesthetic surgery fellowship for two years. After the fellowship, Jennifer continued her medical practice in New York for seven and a half years successfully. In 2011, she returned to her homeland, Austin. Moreover, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a co-author of the selling and educative book”Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.”

For eight years, Jennifer has specialized in plastic surgery more so cosmetic surgery. She performs procedures such as face lifts at averagely $ 10,000, eyelid lifts, nose job for between $ 8,000 and $9,000 and breast augmentation costing approximately $ 7,000 among others. Moreover, Dr. Walden performs liposuction procedures on arms, abdomen and inner thighs. Even though she has the knowledge, she rarely does soft tissue filler for laugh lines, the laser to the face and Botox treatment procedures.

According to Jennifer Walden, out of 8,100 American board certified plastic surgeons, 851 are women whom she hopes will grow in future. Out of the 851, 180, including Jennifer Walden, are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Jennifer thinks the reason as to why the surgery field is male-dominated is because of the period in school. A surgeon has at least five years in post-medical school and another two years for attending a fellowship. These years, make women feel they will late to bear children or their fertile time will end while they are still studying.

However, Jennifer oversees the years in school and encourages being a female surgeon is advantageous. It is beneficial in that many plastic surgery procedures are done to women, and it is normal that a woman will always feel more comfortable in the hands of a fellow woman. Therefore, your clients will be high in number meaning there will be high profitability. Dr. Jennifer Walden is always happy to give somebody a look she or he is satisfied with, and she is comfortable because it is not hazardous. Jennifer Walden hopes that the surgery globe will open doors for more women to join.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Caring Professional in the Field of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery. She is often described as having a down-to-earth personality that instantly puts her patients at ease. As a female cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Walden takes a personal interest in helping her patients not just look good, but also feel good about themselves. She takes the time to go over all the aspects associated with any cosmetic procedure and answers any questions patients might have regarding their procedure or follow-up care. Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews is also highly skilled at what she does so the results her patients obtain are always a perfect fit to their expectations.

Dr. Walden currently has a practice in Austin, Texas where she first began her career in medicine. After graduating from the University of Texas with honors and a degree in biology, she went on to attend the University’s medical branch where she became her graduating class’s salutatorian. She then went on to complete a fellowship at a well-known eye ear and throat hospital in Manhattan, where she received training from some of the leading professionals in the field of plastic surgery. Her expertise and skill comes as no surprise to the many professionals in her field.

Throughout the years of her practice she has been the recipient of many prestigious awards including the Mavis P. Kelsey Award for Excellence in Medicine and the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award for Achievement.Dr. Jennifer Walden’s outstanding reputation in the field of cosmetic surgery has also placed her among some of the more notable people featured in several leading magazine publications. The objective of her facility is to help patients look and feel their best by providing them with the information needed to make well-informed decisions. Her professional staff is also dedicated to delivering the highest quality care possible.

Capitol Anesthesiology Serves Austin, Texas

Capitol Anesthesiology serves many of the hospitals and surgery centers in central Texas. Some of their clients include: Seton Medical Center, Seton Northwest Hospital, Seton Williamson County Hospital, Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, Northwest Surgery Center, Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, Inspire Surgical Centre and many others. They provide their services in general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, monitored anesthesia care, pediatric anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, and cardiovascular anesthesia. They have a full list of their services in their main website.

The physicians of Capitol are involved in several philanthropic ventures in Texas. They provide services for Austin Smiles, which serves as aesthetic reconstruction for misfortunate children in Texas and Latin America. They are also involved with the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach to provide surgical service to children in poverty outside of the United States. They also work with Operation Smile to provide cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries to children in low income countries. You make find a complete list of their charitable activities on their website.

Capitol Anesthesiology works with the Dell Medical School. They give classes to aspiring nurses, nurse anesthetists, paramedics, medical students, and medical residents that are attending their classes.

Capitol Anesthesiology, An Intergal Part of Austin’s Health Care System

Capitol Anesthesiology ( is a medical group located in Austin Texas. The association was established in 1973. Their doctors work in numerous surgical centers and hospitals in the Greater Austin area. While they do not provide ongoing care, their services are vital to helping patients navigate safely through medical procedures with as minimal discomfort as possible. They have specialists in Pediatrics, obstetrics, cardiology and numerous others. With more than 75 doctors and close to 150 nurse anesthetists on staff, they can handle any type of anesthesia from general to twilight sleep.

In addition to their work with medical centers, they are also involved in several charities. Their employees contribute their time and money to charities like Austin Smiles an organization that helps to correct cleft palates for Children who could not otherwise afford the procedure. In addition, they are also involved in non-medical charities such as Eels on Wheels, an organization that helps the disabled scuba dive. A full list of the charities they are involved with can be found on their web site.

Finally, the association is also looking to the future They have partnered with the newly formed Dell Medical School with the goal of helping to increase the quality of Austin’s medical education.