ClassDojo is Encouraging Change in Your Child’s Classroom

ClassDoho is improving classrooms in schools all over the world. It focuses on one main goal, and that is to boost the level of communication between parents, teachers, and students.

The company is based in San Francisco, California. ClassDojo has been in operation since 2011. They are encouraging a student’s learning by sharing. Teachers can share, parents can share, and the students can speak up and be heard. ClassDoho is a popular communication app used by millions of teachers and students for grades kindergarten through 12.

The unique concept of the company was created by Sam ChaudharyLiam Don. They employ approximately 20 people. They are working to change and personalized classrooms. There was recently an outreach to students, and children around the world were able to speak out and be heard. These young people are the important voice of the future.

ClassDoho is helping to create a positive classroom experience. It provides teachers the opportunity to share their classroom activities. They can speak out about their own students, and share their own style of teaching methods and creative ideas. When the children are engaged, it helps to make learning fun. The teachers, the students and the parents can stay connected throughout the school term, and not just on parent’s night.

The fact that the app can be translated is an important feature. There are approximately 10% of students United States that do not speak English, or are not native speakers. ClassDojo helps to overcome the language barrier for the students and their parents. It is another way to encourage and empower the students. Additionally, their parents, who may also speak limited English, are kept abreast of their children’s daily school activities.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have recently received additional venture funding. The company has received $21 million in funding, which they plan to use for new technology. This will be used to create a platform for teacher and parent meetings to be held on a regular basis. This could very well change the course of, or even eliminate, the need for a traditional face to face parent’s night.