The Chainsmokers Are Celebrating Their Success With Closer

There is much to celebrate for the Chainsmokers this year, with the Diamond status of their number one song and the release of brand new music that is on a different scale than what they have ever released before. The Chainsmokers first entered the music scene back in 2014 with the release of their collaboration, SELFIE. The Chainsmokers weren’t huge by any means, but it got them on the map. By 2015, the Chainsmokers had struck gold with their song, Closer, a smash hit that has become one of the longest-running songs on the music charts ever. Just a couple months ago, the Chainsmokers and Halsey were celebrating their new Diamond plaque to commemorate how far they have come as musicians.

The Chainsmokers are not only known for their song Closer but dozens of other top hits that they have been releasing on a consistent basis ever since they became famous. Fans have become accustomed to the frequent release of new music by the CHainsmokers, who are always at the studio putting their creativity to the test. Alex and Andrew, the two men that make up the band today are some of the hottest names in the music industry today for the incredible collaborations and inspirational music that relates to today’s generation.

The Chainsmokers have started to change up their game starting in 2018. Instead of focusing on what the public wants to hear, which Alex Pall has stated is hampering their creativity as artists, they are focusing more on making music that has a message to it. Alex and Andrew want to be able to connect to their audiences in a way that most other artists of the generation ignore. The Chainsmokers have much more in the works and they have assured their fans it will be unlike anything they have heard in the past.

Billboard Music Awards by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are an American DJing duo group. The Chainsmokers are at the top of their game and are becoming well known for some of their best hits. They haven’t been around but for about three years and they have had several top charts hits in the process. They have won a variety of awards. Even recently they went on towing a couple of the 2018 Billboard Music Awards for their hit single “Paris.” But this was not the first time they won a Billboard music awards. They have also won a Grammy, MTV music awards, iHeart radio music awards, and more.

The Chainsmokers have won awards for “Paris” “Closer” “Don’t let me down” “Something just like this” and “memories…do not open.” The hits they put out are always on the top of the charts and receive a significant amount of success. They create electronic music, dance music, pop music, and electronic pop.

Since forming 2012 they have released seven different albums. Honest in 2017, Something just like this in 2017, Memories do not open in 2017, college in 2016, The Chainsmokers- Japan Special Edition in 2016, roses in 2016, and bouquet in 2015. They also have a new music coming out which will feature a darker side of their work.

Before the Chainsmokers Alex Pall lived in New York and DJed on the side, but one day decided to pursue his dream and make it his career. He quit his day job and worked hard for his dream to become a reality.

Andrew Taggart lived in Maine and was a college student with at the current time and he wanted to become a famous DJ. He was one day told that the chainsmokers needed another person to make their duo group. He took his opportunity and took a bus straight to New York to meet Alex. They started making music and became a huge success. They are now creating music for millions of fans to love!

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