Infrastructure Project Expert Felipe Montoro Jens On The Economic Crisis Of Brazil

The prolonged economic crisis in Brazil is gradually crippling the development of infrastructure in the nation. Founded in 1938, The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) holds the highest authority in the trade union systems of the industries. Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure Projects expert, stated that research conducted by National Confederation of Industry highlighted the major projects that are on hold and abandoned in Brazil due to economic constraints. The report informs that 2,796 projects throughout the nation have come to a halt with infrastructure projects accounting for 18.5% of all the projects which cost the government an astronomical figure of $10.7 billion. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

There are around 447 infrastructure projects on providing basic sanitation systems that have come to a dead stop. Out of the 517 projects, 6 are for building new ports, 30 for highways and 10 are linked with railways and waterways.

Even the comparatively cheaper projects like schools, recreational facilities, and other institutions have come to a halt mostly due to lack of technical expertise, abandonment, and financial issues. Major funds for big corporations were cut-off by the federal government to compensate for the losses due to the everlasting economic crisis. CNI has devised strategies to overcome the crisis by equipping teams with knowledge and training, balancing contracts, strengthening internal control and better microplanning.

Felipe Montoro Jens emphasized on the fact that the highest authority in the trade union system is entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the interests of the industries in the country and progress in sync with the Judiciary and the Legislative.

Different perspectives of experienced professionals have been noted and will be taken into consideration while introducing new reforms which will aim to reduce the economic burden on the country and resume the major projects on hold. Incorporation of innovation and technology is a major plan devised by the government and will soon start its implementation in the near future. Read more:



Guilherme Paulus Marks the Rise of a New Era in the Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus journey to the global map has been marked by setbacks after setbacks. However, his extreme ambitions for success have steered him on the perfect path to greatness. His background is just like any other or better still humble just as many are. The suburbs of Sao Paulo, where Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949, were at the time so dilapidated that nobody could ever imagine it would give rise to a globally recognized business guru. Having sharpened his business knowledge from the various schooling institutions he attended, Paulus dream career was so close yet so far. But nothing would stop his dream career, whose time had come. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus entry into the vast world of business was earmarked by his absorption into a financial service provider in Brazil, IBM, where he provided remarkable services as an intern. Contrary to expectations, this junior position did not in any way deter him from dreaming of a better future. He embarked on a mission to transform all the gray areas at the firm, and within a short period, his star started glowing. The management of IBM, who was at the time keen on turning around the tables of their services, tapped in on the exquisite abilities of Guilherme. His elevation to executive positions at the corporation turned out to be the best decision the board made. Within no time, the company’s return on investment was on full throttle. However, this did not lure him to forgetting he had a journey to embark on. Visit Wikipedia to know more about GJP Hotels and Resorts.

His stay at IBM was short lived after acquiring enough skills to put down his ideas on paper. At merely 24 years, Guilherme Paulus masterminded the establishment of CVC Brasil Operadore E Agencia de Viagens SA, a travel agency, alongside Carlos Vicente in 1972. With the best minds at work, the tour operator was destined for global greatness. From just an agency, CVC transformed into the biggest travel tour operator in and across Brazil with its net returns hitting the $5.2 billion mark yearly. The venture proved to be worth the sacrifice, and as of today, Guilherme Paulus is still featured in the coveted list of billionaires by Forbes.


Deirdre Baggot Keeps the Medical Industry Running in the Right Direction

In the medical industry there are two things that Deirdre Baggot is passionate about. One of these things is bundled payment systems. This has become what she is connected to in the healthcare industry, and it shows that this will be a great way to provide a higher level of efficiency with getting things handled when it comes to money for healthcare services. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

The second thing that she is passionate about is making sure that patients have the proper diagnosis. At one time Deirdre worked as a nurse. When she was working in this field she spent a considerable amount of time getting tests ran for the patients that were sick. She felt that it was her duty as a nurse to have thorough information when it came to assessing what the patient was actually in the hospital for.

She believes that it is impossible to truly treat a patient if you do not have extensive information. This is why so many X-rays and urine samples are done in hospitals. This is the reason why cultures are done with blood work in order to obtain a very thorough analysis of what is happening with patience. It’s all about getting extensive information about the patient before the treatment begins. In some cases improper treatment for elements that have not been discovered can actually lead to death. Deirdre Baggot brought extensive research to the medical industry to support her findings.

As a Healthcare Executive with a PhD and MBA Deirdre has often found herself taking on deadlines and creating project where she has put herself in a spotlight to elaborate with others on the information that she has in her possession. She has taken great efforts to inform others about health care payment reform and bundled payment systems in the healthcare industry. Visit:

The reviving spirit shared by Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein is a person with a heart for the people. He came from a humble beginning but his urge to serve the country was first fulfilled by joining the security force of Israel. His life is a journey full of experiences which made him pave his way to a successful career in real estate. He started as a commercial agent and later founded the Hager Pacific Properties that deals with many fields of real estate such as reconstructing and designing.

For years, Adam Milstein has been one of the blogger in Times of Israel where he uses the platform to inform the people on various issues especially the Jews. In one of the recent articles, he emphasises on how the Jews living in Diaspora will help to correct the present challenges in Israel. The article or blog is entitled “Diaspora Jews Will Rise To Meet Our Challenges with Israel in Our Hearts.”

In the blog he emphasises on the importance of having strong leaders as in the past. The reason is because the strong leaders are the initiators of new season of change for better life. According to Adam Milstein, the Jewish people are faced with new challenges which are to be tackled. For instance, the divestment and sanctions campaign which purposes to finish the State of Israel rather than unite the Jewish people. Therefore, he recommends that people should have a strong will to do things and reverse the situation before it runs late.

The Jewish American community needs to identify and work with a lot of effort to be the heroes who ensure that their state is not divided. Adam Milstein hopes that everything will work out well. They believe comes from a glimmering hope which he observes from people every day that have the potential to be the future great leaders. Moreover he encourages the older generation of the Jewish American community to encourage and empower the young generation to identify with Israel. The end result will be the will to fight against anti-Semitism and the global Jewish community in general. Therefore, the information provided on the article meant to motivate the Jewish community to identify and fight for their homeland.

What has made FelipeMotoro Jens the man he is today as an infrastructure expert in Brazil

In the world of business today, there is high competition that has made a lot of entrepreneurs and business corporations to cease their existence in the market because they have lacked the right requirements for one to enhance his or her survival in the market. The market requires that entrepreneurs have adequate skills to cope up with different challenges in business. Despite the situation, there are a lot of people who have managed to make their way to success. One of these people is Felipe Montoro Jens, one of the most successful business and educated people in Brazil. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens is the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaprica. He has also worked in many other companies both national and international corporations. Well, his success in the competitive world of business was not just a walk in the park. He had to have a lot of consistency in his interest in business and therefore he worked hard to be the man he is today. He attended one of the best business schools in Brazil called Getulio Vargas Foundation where he attained his undergraduate degree in business administration. It is here that Felipe Montoro Jens started being equipped with the right skills to prepare him for the competitive world of business.

Well, this was not the stopping point for him. His interest pushed him to go further with his education. He continued with his training at Thunderbird School of Global Management where after graduating he did not have to wait for long to get employed. He was able to work in different corporations where he gained much experience that continued to equip him with the skills in his career that have made him a famous expert in the world. He worked with some remarkable figures, for example, water and waste concessions, chemical development, and energy generation among others.

He also worked with the international companies such as the PricewaterhouseCoopers and Enron among others. This is what gave him the opportunity to explore his capabilities in his career has moved from one company to another in different parts of the world. Today, he is a recognized infrastructure specialist in Brazil who takes part in the development of Brazilian Economy through various interventions. Visit:


The Four Best Ways To Avoid Being A Newbie In the Tech World and In Market America

Market America involves selling tech products to clients who can benefit professionally and personally from using them. Some of you entering this company might know a lot about the tech world. Some of you might know very little. The point is, you still need to give it your best shot if you want to become a success.

Market America might not give you the exact timeline on how to educate yourself on the tech world. They want you to learn about the products so you can sell them. That is it. However, it is better to start working with them with a fresh perspective on technology.

1) You cannot be afraid to ask questions. Market America wants to stay educated. They will expect you to ask questions. However, there are some things you can find out on your own without their help. We recommend you do that. You need to know what every product does and does not do. How else are you going to sell it to someone who needs it?

2) One way to not sound like a newbie is to learn the language as much as you can. Every subject has its own language. The tech world is not much different. We are not saying you need to know everything. That is going to be impossible. You should arm yourself with enough information so that you do not sound like it is your first day on the playground.

3) You are not going to know everything about what you sell. You are not going to sell to every client you talk to. You cannot let that discourage you. Be patient. Impatience is the first sign of a newbie. Do not give up on yourself. You will get there.

4) The tech world is fast-paced. Market America also works in that fashion. Things will change. You need to expect that. Embrace change and understand that nothing in this world lasts forever.

How Jeff Yastine Has Shared His Investing Advice Over The Years

Banyan Hill Publishing is a firm that helps investors make good decisions when figuring out what assets to invest in whether that is stocks, options, natural resources, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. They have more than 400,000 investors who read them on a daily basis. This company got its start in 1998 as The Sovereign Society and they renamed it as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. In addition to investing advice they also have articles about other areas such as how to maintain both personal and professional privacy from big businesses and government. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine. Jeff Yastine has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2015. He is the editorial director and has his own publication, Total Wealth Trader. His publication helps people by identifying little-known investment opportunities that his readers can make big returns on while also protecting their wealth. He identifies companies which are both safe and stable while offering tremendous value to stockholders.

Having been a stock market investor and financial journalist since the 1980s, Jeff Yastine brings a lot of experience to his position and to Total Wealth Trader. He explains to his reads where things are headed in regards to the economy, money, and business. He was once nominated for an Emmy while working for PBS’s Nightly Business Report. During that time he also interviewed some of the most successful people in business such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, John Bogle, Bill Gross, and Sir Richard Branson among others.

The main companies that he informs his readers about are small-cap growth firms as well as large companies that have turned their businesses around. Among the industries he has experience in is biotech, retail, and agriculture. He had warned people in the late 1990s about the excesses in the tech industry which ultimately led to many tech firms going under. The team he was working on at Nightly Business Report was given the Excellence in Financial Journalism Award in 2002 by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Jeff Yastine is a graduate of the University of Florida. He has a telecommunications degree which he received in 1986. After leaving Nightly Business Report, Jeff Yastine joined The Oxford Club in April 2011. For over two years he was their editorial director. In April 2013 he joined Newsmax. At this firm he was the director of financial reporting. He lives in Delray Beach, Florida. Visit:

The Effects of Success of People Like Susan McGalla

One thing that can be said about success is that it changes the world for a lot of people, especially when it comes to a first time occurrence. For instance, Susan McGalla is a woman who has succeeded in the business world. She has held leadership positions and has even started a business. This has inspired women and let them know that they can do some of the things that Susan has done. After all, people need an example or a reminder that the sky is the limit. For women, Susan McGalla has provided this example. Therefore, she has inspired women to aim for their goals.

One thing that Susan McGalla has done was get involved in fashion. This is one of the industries that women are really at home in. However, the fashion industry was dominated by men at the time Susan McGalla has started. One thing that she has done was avoid walking around with a chip on her shoulder. She has instead worked on the tasks and come up with ideas to bring the companies she works for greater success. Some fashion companies have opened up new lines of clothing because of her ideas and encouragement to the company.

As of right now, she owns her own marketing company. Among the things she does with her company is market clothing to the fans of Pittsburgh Steelers. While Susan is into fashion, she is also a sports fan. Her father was a coach who has taught her what true equality is. She did not get any breaks on account of her gender. Therefore, she has come to understand that people are human before their genders. Also, she is one of the people that talk about practical solutions for women without getting into the pandering and patronizing to them.

Read more about Susan McGalla:

OSI Industries and Recent Acquisitions

OSI Industries has been hard at work to expand their operational reach even further and strengthen their presence across Europe. The global meat processor acquired the company Flagship Europe in 2016 to achieve that. The company is based in the United Kingdom and was acquired by the OSI Group in 2016.

The Flagship Europe Group is a food service supplier working with frozen poultry, sauces, and dressings, and a variety sous vide items and pies. The President of the OSI Group stated that the Flagship Europe Group complements the portfolio of the corporation well. Mr. David G. McDonald also added that the acquisition has strengthened the position of the OSI Group on the market in the United Kingdom and has allowed the meat processor to polish its services.

The Flagship Europe Group acquired the company Calder Food that same year. That corporation is a supplier of sandwich fillings, mayonnaise, marinades, and sauces, as well as dips and food-to-go products. That further expanded the company’s services to add to the portfolio of the OSI Group.

The leader of the Flagship Europe Group is Mr. Russell Maddock, operating as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. CEO Russel Maddock stated that the Flagship Europe Group believes that becoming a part of the OSI Group is a big and promising opportunity for the business. The Flagship Group received more resources as well as hundreds of new clients. That made it possible for the corporation to expand their services and improve upon their position in their line of work.

In the past few years, the OSI Group has completed several successful acquisitions that have provided the corporation with a more solid ground to step on in a few countries in Europe. The OSI Group acquired the former plant of Tyson with operations across Europe as well as the Baho Foods, based in Denmark.

Most recently, the OSI Group completed a factory expansion in Toledo, Spain. The project cost a few million to complete but opened up 20 additional job spaces which brought the total to 180 at that plant. The OSI Group is also establishing plant across China as the market there is growing rapidly and holds a lot of promise for the corporation.

As of yet, The OSI Group is present in 17 countries on a few continents. The corporation operates through more than 65 facilities and is working towards expanding that number. The business employs over 100 000 people.

About   Sheldon Lavin:

Jeunesse Global creates Instantly Ageless, an anti-aging micro-crème

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were two of the most well-known figures in the North American direct-marketing industry. After a career spanning decades, which had included founding a string of successful companies, the couple had finally decided to take a shot at retirement. They thought that they would be able to adjust to the slower pace of retired life. But it turned out that neither one was constituted for a life of endless golf games, television and general idleness.

Before long, Ray and Lewis had started selling a few beauty products out of the garage of their sprawling Florida estate. But the couple’s innate drive and killer entrepreneurial instinct soon kicked into high gear. Before long, both Ray and Lewis found themselves spending the majority of their waking hours on their new company, which by this time they had dubbed Jeunesse Global.

Throughout its early years, Jeunesse Global took off, growing at astonishing rates. The company doubled in size roughly every month for its first year. After that, it continued strong growth. By its fifth year of operation, Jeunesse Global had officially become the most financially successful company that Ray and Lewis had ever founded, making tens of millions of dollar per year and having thousands of authorized distributors on its salesforce.

But the real secret behind the company’s magnificent success was the products it was quickly able to bring to market. One example of a top-selling and completely unique Jeunesse product is the company’s Instantly Ageless micro-crème. This product serves as both a facial deep cleanser and an anti-aging crème that can instantly knock years or decades off of a user’s apparent age.

Instantly Ageless contains the secret ingredient that the company refers to as APT-200. Designed specifically for use in Jeunesse Global products by some of the top scientists in the field, APT-200 has been clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles on a user’s face, prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and restore skin elasticity that has naturally been lost to age. Additionally, APT-200, when delivered through Instantly Ageless, gives skin a healthy, youthful glow that can only be achieved with Jeunesse products.