Stronger Investing With Igor Cornelsen

One of Brazil’s best-known investment bankers has recently made his way to the U.S. to further a career which began in Brazil and has now brought him to semi-retirement in Florida. Igor Cornelsen enjoys all the usual activities associated with a successful business leader who is now enjoying what should be the quiet time of his life but is instead building a new career as an investment advisor with Bainbridge Investments long list of clients; the Brazilian banking legend had already created a powerful career in his home nation in the 1990s and early 2000s when he guided a number of the largest banks in the nation through a difficult economic time for Brazil. Visit at about Igor Cornelsen

For the clients he serves through Bainbridge Investments, Igor Cornelsen believes taking a look at the economy of Brazil and other developing nations is a good idea as these are areas where companies can be backed in the early stages of their development. Despite having one of the top five economies in the world, Brazil has yet to expand upon its success in a way similar to that seen in Europe and North America; because of the growing nature of Brazil’s economy a number of different industrial sectors are being developed into a success with many different companies looking to find success in the future. Read more about Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen sees companies in Brazil as an excellent long-term investment as they have a large amount of potential for growth in the coming years as a nation continues its growth with a range of impressive trade deals with China and fellow Latin American nations. The long-term nature of the approach taken by the chief advisor at Bainbridge Investments has been a major part of the success he has seen in his entire career in Brazil and the U.S. The tips and advice of an investment specialist such as Mr. Cornelsen is of great help to any experienced or novice investor who wishes to build a better understanding of the markets and secure their own individual financial future.

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Rona Borre Has a Business Model That Won’t Quit

Rona Borre is one of those figures who you wonder where they have been all of your life. She is an engaging, smart, and knowledgeable business person who can carry her own weight in any situation, and then some. Perhaps that is why she was the leading account executive with a major staffing company who broke every sales record that had ever existed with that company.

More importantly, she started her own staffing company, Instant Alliance, in 2001 and has not looked back since. She is the founder and CEO of one of the fastest-growing small companies in America and is well-known for being a leader in the Chicago Business Community.  More to read on

Borre is in demand as a speaker on the civic circuit and is also active in the Chicago business community and has leadership roles in such groups as the Economic Club of Chicago, The Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network. She has been interviewed at length by various media outlets in the Windy City as well as having been written about in the newspapers.  For more of Borre, visit her page.

Borre’s firm, Instant Alliance specializes in hiring technological and financial professionals for companies, and her special methodology enables her to find the right candidates for those companies in a very expeditious manner. The results speak for themselves as the interview rate to actual hires is an outstanding 3 to 1. Remarkably there is only a 1 percent rate of attrition over the past 15 years, which is very exceptional in the staffing industry.  Related article here.

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Instant Alliance and Rona Borre

Rona Borre formed Instant Alliance, one of the fastest growing Staffing Companies in America in 2001 from a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo. Today, her company bills in the millions of dollars annually, as she places primarily technologists and finance professionals.

Her clients include Fortune 500 firms, mid-sized companies, and smaller firms where she is looking to strategically place individuals who will make a difference with the clients with whom she works. Borre has discovered one factor that most placement companies miss. Instead of stumbling through hundreds of resumes, she spends a lot of time with the powers that be with her client companies to learn what the culture is of the client. She gets to know the executives of the company so she can figure out just who will fit into the culture and who will do the best job.

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Then she and her staff comb the world for that one individual. It works very well as evidenced by the 3:1 interview to hire results and a stunning result of only a 1% attrition rate of employees over the past 15 years. This process saves everyone a lot of time and money where everyone can get back to business as normal much sooner.  Additional article here.

Borre is very active in the Chicago business community where she holds leadership roles with the Economic Club of Chicago and The Chicago Network, among others.  Check on

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Rona Borre is No Stranger to Success

When Rona Borre started her company, Instant Alliance, she brought with her startup a great deal of staffing experience. She had just quit her job where had just obliterated every sales record that company had put on the boards, plus she controlled a $30 million book of business.

Now she could multiply her actions by hiring good account executives to learn her way of doing things. And learn they did because Instant Alliance is now one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the country and it is setting records of its own. Borre knows a secret, however, that her competition fails to put into effect time after time.  Watch clips about Borre and Instant Alliance, click on

While the competition spends time rattling through thousands of resumes, Borre and her team spend a great deal or time getting to know the executive team of their client companies. Companies like McDonald’s, the University of Chicago, and the Argonne National Laboratory. Other Fortune 500 companies have fallen under Borre’s spell too, as Instant Alliance is the go-to company in the staffing world.  Check

It is vital to Borre to know how a candidate will fit into a company’s culture before he or she is hired. If they cannot get along or don’t fit it, it will now work out. Things must be working OK because all of the candidates who have been hired from the outset have only a one percent attrition rate. Additional article here

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