WEN by Chaz is Made with Beneficial Ingredients that do not Include Harsh Sulfates

More people are becoming conscious about the products they apply to their skin and hair. The new trend toward no-poo shampoos is a move away from the products that contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates. Sulfates are used to help remove the dirt and oil that builds up on hair over the course of time. Unfortunately, they also strip away the oils needed to maintain a healthy scalp and soft, flexible hair.

One of the key aspects of cleansing conditioner products is that they do not create a lather. Even though the lather is missing, the product still works to remove the dirt and buildup that occurs over time. The added benefit of having a conditioner included in the product allows the hair to become hydrated as well as enriched with essential nutrients. The degree to which hair will be improved using a cleansing conditioner will depend on the other ingredients it contains.

Wen’s Beneficial Nutrients

The line of products available from WEN by Chaz are not only sulfate free, they are also made with many beneficial nutrients. Every variety contains its own unique blend of plant extracts that enrich hair with vitamins and amino acids. The natural nourishing properties of ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea and acai berry not only help cleanse and condition hair, they actually help repair it. The wide variety of cleansing conditioners in WEN’s line makes it easy for anyone to find the right combination of ingredients to help their hair retain its naturally healthy state.

The Growth of Fabletics into a top E-Commerce Enterprise

Kate Hudson is a famous entrepreneur and actress. She has mainly ventured into e-commerce through Fabletics, which is a company that she co-founded. The firm has been in business since 2013, and it has majored in offering trendy and relaxing activewear that can be worn to the gym or as casual clothes. The products that are sold by the company are of the best quality. They make the clients feel more active and confident since they are stylish. The firm has been ensuring that it offers the latest products by updating collections. It offers tops, bottoms, arm warmers, gloves, caps, gym bags, hair ties, hair bands, socks, and other accessories.


Amazon is a renowned company that provides e-commerce services, and more than 20 percent of online clients buy products from its store. Fabletics has been growing over the years, and it is slowly becoming it’s a major competitor the provision of sportswear. The enterprise has an annual growth rate of about 35 percent, and it has managed to increase its value to more than $250 million in the past three years. The popularity of the online firm’s products is rising, and it plans to open 12 physical stores this year. The new shops will be located in Illinois, California, Florida, and Hawaii. Fabletics currently run 16 stores that are situated in different parts of the country. Fabletics has been successful due to the excellent membership packages that it provides to the clients. It offers customized products to its client at relatively lower prices than all its competitors.


The e-commerce company has always been committed to establishing robust relationships with its customer by offering membership preferences and various engaging activities. The way that interacts with people has greatly assisted it to gain more clients. It understands the needs of every customer by offering a 60-second quiz where a stylist suggests products to an individual based on client experience, social media, fashion preferences, and lifestyle. The company has been selling its products by using “reverse showrooming” whereby subscribers are invited to view products that available in the stores. This tactic enables it to make more sells.


Individuals who would like to members of Fabletics are offered an opportunity to inform the company on their preferred size and style. The firm offers new subscribers two-piece outfits at a great discount during the first month. The products are valued at $49, but one pays $10 only. In the following months, clients still receive discounts but are required to pay $49.95 for products that are worth double the price. The cost of clothes is deducted from an individual’s credit card, and people can cancel their memberships for free. The company provides free gear, free shipping, and free returns to its VIP members whenever they buy products that are worth more than $49.95. Individuals who have subscribed as members can purchase products at the physical stores at a discounted price. According to Fabletics, about 30-50 percent of the clients who buy clothes from its shops are subscribers.

Fabletics Models Itself After Apple And Offers Men Fashion

The fashion industry is more popular than ever. While women have always been the more fashionable gender, there has been a gathering of men in the fashion industry. A growing number of men are taking an interest in fashion. They are also learning how to find their own style. For one thing, they are also getting to experience some of the more unique items they could find. As a result, Fabletics is expanding to offer men a section of clothing. That way, they could account for the growth of the fashion industry and also take advantage of the new opportunity to reach men.


Fabletics is handling themselves in a way that is similar to Apple. For one thing, they are making sure that they are offering products that are not only working well, but are also highly desired. This secures Fabletics as one of the successful brands in the online fashion industry. As people find that their clothes not only look good, but last longer than many other fashion companies, then they will want to buy more of the clothes. Fabletics makes sure that they offer products made from durable items. One thing they want to do is make sure that the items will retain their look for a long time.


People not only want items that look good, but they also want items that will last them a long time. One thing that is very frustrating for people that have taken an interest in fashion is that the items that they love have become damaged to the point that they can’t wear it anymore. It becomes even more frustrating when the item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Fabletics makes sure that people do not have to have this experience. This approach makes it so that they compete with companies such as Amazon.


One thing that Fabletics shows is a great strategy from the people in charge. The company has also shown that it is straight forward in its thinking. The creators of the products have taken the time to ask themselves what they want. Among the most important things in a product is durability. Even if the product is out of style, all a person wants is clothes that he can wear. When it comes to styles and other aspects of clothing, he can figure it out. Men and women both love fashion that looks good and is durable.