The Reasons for George Soros’ Liberal Causes being criticized

George Soros has a prominent place in the minds of liberal activists and people who are fighting for the disadvantaged communities. While he is a hero for many, especially people who are suppressed, he is an enemy to some, the oppressors. That is why most of the conservative groups do not agree with him or reject his ideologies and initiatives though there is no logic in their stance. Sadly, most ultra-right groups plot him as an enemy or conspirator behind all pro-liberal movements. This is what happened when people came out to the streets for protesting against the U.S. President Donald Trump after he was elected. People protested against him due to his conservative stands on women’s rights and other flawed policies.

Though a few of the Soros-funded liberal groups took part in the protests, people who know him well understand his respect to the verdict. But, the ultra-conservative groups want to plot him as the puppet master who controls both global politics and economy and working against them. The truth is completely different from their assumptions. Though he efficiently utilized financial opportunities of various currencies and the wrong policies followed by various countries, to intelligently invest and gain huge profits, he did not wield a greater power both in politics and economy. But, his conservative opponents are not ready to publically accept that though they are sure that George Soros is a man of integrity towards his business, politics, philanthropy, and more.

For the conservative critics, they just need a person whom they can pinpoint for all their flawed policies and their failures. When it comes to Soros, they can easily target him due to his stance supporting liberal causes and his status of hugely successful billionaire mostly from risky currency trading. He contributed large sums to defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidential Election due to the Iraq War. It should be noted that Soros publically condemned the Iraq War as unnecessary. But, right groups started targeting him from then, and it got escalated in the recent years considering his campaign against Donald Trump in 2016 Election.

George Soros was born in Budapest in the early 1930s and earned his graduation from London School of Economics. After working in London for a brief period, Soros decided to move to the United States and started working as a share trader at the Wall Street. In 1970, he established Soros Fund Management, currently, a leading hedge fund management firm. From the early 80’s, he started founding Open Society Foundations to propagate his philosophies about open societies, to mobilize people for democratization across the world, and to support various philanthropic groups. It should be noted that he spent as many as $13 billion – more than 50% of his current wealth – to numerous philanthropic initiatives in the last three decades.