George Soros’s Contributions Grow as Civil Causes Benefit from Philanthropy Efforts

Many billionaires have contributed to philanthropy efforts; however, there are few who have done it as skillfully and humbly as George Soros. George is an investor, philanthropists, author and inventor, but most of all he is a civil servant to the world. The 86 year old, has contributed a great amount of his wealth to world causes and charities. George’s wealth has allowed the world to see his core beliefs that show humanity for all of society.

When the civil movement began in Ferguson, Missouri, George stepped up again and contributed to the cause in order to elevate the conversation and bring strength to the voices of the unheard. George provided $33 million in support of the grass-roots movement which allowed activists to elevate the awareness of their cause. Through his non-profit group, the Open Society Foundations, George has provided a combined total of $650 million towards social injustice causes, minority groups, LGBT awareness and activism, as well as religious groups.

The movement with Ferguson, Missouri created an occasion for George to support his core belief which is that all those who seek to bring growth and needed change are afforded the opportunity to do so. According to George, when there is an opportunity to reduce oppression in any society, those who can bring the progressive changes needed should be willing to be held accountable to those who cannot.


George was born during a time when injustices were rampant in society. In the 1940’s George observed a society that was pierced with stagnant citizens who desired change, and those who could have assisted were non-existent. For over three decades, his mission has been to seek out groups, organizations and causes which reflect the greatest need.

In 2017, George became the 19th richest man in the world with a net worth of $25 billion. Through the Open Society Foundations, George Soros has re-invested into the world by contributing more than $18 billion towards world causes in 100 countries. His support of democracy and basic human rights has been a platform which he’s been able to engage at levels that other billionaires are unable to reach. Through George’s international ideals and financial contributions; lives have been saved, communities have been enriched and societies have been reconstructed. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

During the last 2016 presidential election cycle, George proudly supported then candidate Hillary Rodham-Clinton with political contributions reaching $25 million. George has been a consistent democratic donor for decades and provided the potential candidate his unwavering support for the nomination.

Most people can make a real difference to those who need their support. However; George has raised that bar to a higher standard, not because of his wealth, but because of his decency for committing to the causes that make societies better. George has created a legacy which has set an example for the young business leaders who might hope to become billionaires. His legacy will prove that true compassion for those who create the societies all across the globe are formed by differences, but sustained by providing human rights to all. Learn more about his profile at

Inspiring Details Regarding Chris Burch, a Real Influencer

Chris Burch is an influential entrepreneur famously known for, Burch Creative Capital, where he serves as the CEO and originator. Chris discloses that he has an innate ability to thrive in business. However, this does not mean it has been a walk in the park. He encountered his share of failures. As Mr. Burch says, such setbacks served as the stepping stones to his highly celebrated success. At Burch Creative Capital, they endeavor in supporting models with an ability to thrive. Precisely, they support ideas possessing a global liking.  More to read on

Burch’s Philosophies Inspiring his Constant Growth

Chris firmly holds on his entrepreneurial ethics. He sees market opportunities and pursues them energetically. On an interview, Burch confesses of several cases of failure. However, he appreciates his liking for scaling disruptive trademarks, which is among the reasons keeping him vibrant. Growing with technology is yet another factor Chris Burch upholds. He is appreciative that now he can do so many things much faster, thanks to technology.

History of Chris Burch’ Feat Through Diverse Investments

Chris celebrates over 40 years of an entrepreneurial journey. Through this period, he has significantly influenced the markets. As it is, he is a warm-hearted man who celebrates the success of others. Interestingly, he has been involved in success stories of more than 50 companies, check this here. He integrates an intuitive knowledge of customer behavior with global and direct sourcing skill set. By so doing, he has been able to create an impressive record of networks. His initiative portfolio incorporates brands that Chris Burch embraces.

Explore Chris’ Range of Investment Assortments

Chris invests in fashion, tech, and real estate sectors. He is known for his mind-blowing ability to juggle between all those investments. As a real estate titan, Chris invests in local and international projects. Nihiwatu is perceived as his best project, in fact, the world’s most magnificent resort. Check for related article.  Again in his company, he focuses on several products including clothing, home fixtures, organic foods, to mention but a few. Apart from scaling higher levels each day, Chris also mentors young entrepreneurs. Looking into his life, you read considerable efforts, rewarded with overwhelming success.  Continue reading on

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