Living the Dream–Why an Apartment is the Better Choice

Owning a home. It sounds great, some would call it ideal even. Home ownership has been tagged with the title American Dream for some time now. But is it really practical, especially in states such as New Jersey? We’ll take a look at all the reasons why renting an apartment is actually less stressful and more economic, and overall just the best choice. Then, we’ll talk about the best real estate companies to utilize when apartment hunting.

First of all, a house leaves you stuck with more than just the mortgage payment. Once you buy a house, you’re stuck in that city or town for the next several years, if not longer. If you decide that you no longer want to live there, leaving is a huge hassle–from finding someone who can take over mortgage payments, to making sure that the move won’t kill your credit.

Even just leaving for something as minor as a vacation can become a burden– in order to protect homes from thieves and vandals, most homeowners hire a house sitter, which is an added cost you wouldn’t need to pay if you were in an apartment. Learn more about Boraie Development LLC:

Speaking of costs, let’s talk finances for a moment. This tends to be the number one reason people choose to buy a home. The idea is that the cost of a house would still be cheaper than the monthly cost of an apartment, especially since you never gain ownership of an apartment. It sounds good, but how plausible is it? Consider this–while living in an apartment, any necessary repairs will be handled by the landlord’s staff. Additionally, rates for renter’s insurance are far less expensive than homeowner’s insurance. Really, apartments are more cost efficient.

When looking for an apartment in New Jersey, there is really only one company that is worth going through: Boraie Development. Boraie Development has helped to restore neighborhoods all over the state of New Jersey; New Brunswick is a shining example of this. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal partners up with Boraie Development to make every project a gleaming success. In 2012 alone, they were able to complete $10 million worth of renovations! When looking for a new apartment, Boraie is a safe, reliable choice. Click this link to read more: At Two Extremes of a Housing Market