WEN by Chaz is Made with Beneficial Ingredients that do not Include Harsh Sulfates

More people are becoming conscious about the products they apply to their skin and hair. The new trend toward no-poo shampoos is a move away from the products that contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates. Sulfates are used to help remove the dirt and oil that builds up on hair over the course of time. Unfortunately, they also strip away the oils needed to maintain a healthy scalp and soft, flexible hair.

One of the key aspects of cleansing conditioner products is that they do not create a lather. Even though the lather is missing, the product still works to remove the dirt and buildup that occurs over time. The added benefit of having a conditioner included in the product allows the hair to become hydrated as well as enriched with essential nutrients. The degree to which hair will be improved using a cleansing conditioner will depend on the other ingredients it contains.

Wen’s Beneficial Nutrients

The line of products available from WEN by Chaz are not only sulfate free, they are also made with many beneficial nutrients. Every variety contains its own unique blend of plant extracts that enrich hair with vitamins and amino acids. The natural nourishing properties of ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea and acai berry not only help cleanse and condition hair, they actually help repair it. The wide variety of cleansing conditioners in WEN’s line makes it easy for anyone to find the right combination of ingredients to help their hair retain its naturally healthy state.