Meet Perry Mandera Whose Drive For Service Is Just Unquenchable

“Do it right the first time”. This is a common phrase that’s usually part of this great service man whenever he is advising the upcoming businesspersons and entrepreneurs, after all, an entrepreneur just wants to get it right just for once and off he will grow to heights. By taking a closer professional gaze at the life of the heroic Perry Mandera, there are a lot of things and wisdom to learn and glean especially from his recession journey. The outstanding abilities that have enabled him to excel in various businesses and offer his service to others simultaneously are very beneficial not only to the young adults but also to the middle-aged and elderly.

Perry Mandera perhaps has the same heart of the likes of Mother Teresa especially when it comes to offering community support. His life revolves around supporting the community in various dimensions and forms right from his service in the army, having an office to establishing his own company that has employed hundreds of individuals all over Illinois State. He has been committed for years in charitable works and now his own founding of Custom Cares Charities Inc. is a great indication of his commitment to helping others.

The heart of service was modeled in Perry Mandera while still, he was young. After high school, he joined Marine Corps Reserves and was pushed into the transportation department. His work was transporting troops and supplies; this shaped his career path and the connection he had with his fellow army men still is evident whenever he talks about it. After becoming a civilian, his commitment to helping the community was not quenched and in 1984 he became a Republican Ward Committeeman in the 26th ward in the State of Chicago. He served the public for 4 years despite being the youngest to have sat on that seat.

After leaving the political office, he founded The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986 which came to transform his life and that of others. The company has various branches besides its headquarters at Northlake, which are fulfilling all the transportation needs of their customers fully. Perry Mandera has been recognized by ITA as one of the Top 100 American Transportation Executives and has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors at ITA.