James Dondero’s $1 Million Dollar Challenge Grant To Help Victims Of Domestic Violence

James Dondero, co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., recently announced a $1 million dollar challenge grant to help The Family Place meet the goals of its Legacy Campaign. The campaign is fundraising to build shelter with resources for victims of domestic violence. The Family Place is only $2.8 million short of the $16.5 million fundraising goal. With the challenge grant, which runs from now until April 4, 2017, Mr. Dondero has assured that The Family Place will reach the $16.5 million to help families that are victims of domestic violence.

James Dondero, who is also quite the philanthropist, will administer the grant through the Highland Dallas Foundation, which is the charitable branch of Highland Corporate Management. Dondero believes that the grant aligns with the advocacy against domestic violence and will help to resolve the danger surrounding the issue.

When Dondero made the announcement regarding the launch of $1 million dollar challenge grant at The Family’s Place 21st annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon, he stated, “The civic community in Dallas gets things done.

We at Highland Capital Management were impressed by the way The Family Place, through avid philanthropic support, took this concept from inception to the final stage of this campaign in just a year. We are proud to invest alongside many of the most generous and thoughtful in the community.” Dondero will match 50 percent any amount donated to the cause while the current $1 million dollar campaign runs.

With close to $16 billion in assets, James Dondero’s company, Highland Capital Management, is one of the top global alternative credit management firms. Highland Capital Management often invests in both local and national non-profit organizations through its Highland Dallas Foundation division.

Learn more about James Dandero: https://www.nexbank.com/james-dondero.htm