Success Continues To Follow Flavio Maluf Of Eucatex

The Eucatex group has been one of the success stories of the Brailian economy for over half a century, but over almost two decades current President Flavio Maluf has turned the company into an international business success that plays an important role in many different industrial sectors. Maluf is a well known figure in the communities where Eucatex is a major employer for his commitment to bringing continued success to the local community and fulfilling increasing levels of business with companies around the world.

Flavio Maluf has remained committed to keeping the Eucatex brand in its traditional sector of the wood products industry; despite this commitment Flavio is always looking for new areas to expand the company into in a bid to achieve greater levels of success than have ever been seen before. Maluf himself studies mechanical engineering as a student in Brazil and for a short period of time in New York City, which gave the Eucatex President an international outlook he continues to consider for the future. This global outlook has taken the Eucatex brand across the world to open up new partnerships and begin an educational program that brings sustainable forestry experts to the lumber industry areas controlled by Eucatex.

The success of Eucatex has paced Flavio Maluf in a position to assist those who he feels are in need of his help to live better and more fulfilling lives in the future; many of the people who live in the communities where Eucatex have positioned their production bases have seen the local infrastructure improved with the aid of Flavio Maluf. One part of every community Flavio Maluf has touched that continues to bring him success and praise is the dedication he has made to improving health care facilities across Brazil. Flavio Maluf has had a growing influence on the philanthropic community in Brazil and continues to look for more and improved ways of helping people live better lives.