Rona Borre the Woman Entrepreneur

Rona Borre is a unique person

Rona Borre is a unique person in that she can see the vision and then act upon that vision. When she graduated from The University of Arizona with a degree in business, she put it to good use and hired on to a global staffing and recruiting company where she worked her way through the hoops and wound up leading the company in sales and broke all of their sales records.


In 2001, Rona decided that she wanted to build a company and she used the spare bedroom in her Chicago condo for an office. She even dressed in a business suit in those days even though initially she was the first employee. Today she is the CEO and founder of that company, Instant Alliance, which is one of the fastest growing companies in the nation with bills in the millions of dollars.  Visit


Rona Borre’s formula is very simple. Early on she felt that there was not enough interaction between clients and the decision makers at recruiting companies, and the problem stemmed from a lack of real relationships between the two. The reason relationships have to occur is to foster a real dialogue in the determination of what kind of hire will fit the client’s company culture and what it will take to hire him or her.  Read related post on


Once these questions are answered, Borre states that her company can get to work and get the results needed by the client. Instant Alliance specializes in finance, and informational technology hires because these are the people who are instrumental in taking a company forward through the stagnation phase into a new surge of energetic growth. The program works well as evidenced by the mere 1% attrition rate that Instant Alliance has enjoyed with their placements from the beginning.