I Give FreedomPop Phones To The Homeless

I work in a homeless shelter in the inner city, and I have seen thousands of people stream through the shelter every month. I meet people who have truly hit rock bottom, and my only wish is to help them get in touch with family and friends, and I use a FreedomPop phone as my personal phone. This article explains how I originally used FreedomPop to save money, offer new phones to shelter residents and try to bring people closer together.

#1: Residents Come In Missing Their Family

I have met several residents who are desperately missing their families, and they only wish to tell their families that everything is alright. Family may be halfway across the country, but one cell phone call makes a world of difference. I hand out phones to those who seem most needy, and I teach them how to use the free plan on the phone.

#2: FreedomPop’s Free Plan Impressed

I stay on the FreedomPop free plan because I am connected to WiFi most of the time. I do not use much of my data, and I route all my texts and calls through an app that helps conserve data on my phone. I am not overpaying for my phone, and I am using a phone that even a homeless person may benefit from. https://techcrunch.com/2015/01/21/freedompop-wifi/

#3: I Load Special Apps On The Phones

I load special apps on the FreedomPop phones I pass out, and I ensure that every person who receives a phone knows how to use the phone properly. I am highly-invested in helping people reach out, and I ensure that my personal phone is used when I do not have a phone to donate. FreedomPop phones are quite simple for me to pick up when needed, and the phones are simple to use when placed in the hands of a needy resident.

I believe I have found the most excellent way to communicate in the homeless community. I offer as many phones as I can to those who need them most, and I teach every resident to use the phone for their own safety,

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FreedomPop Comes Up With Great WhatsApp Idea

WhatsApp is a perfect tool for sending messages. FreedomPop may be the perfect mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for those who want exceptional service without paying too much for it. Now, the two are coming together. FreedomPop has announced WhatsApp may be used for free at all times. Even when a subscriber completely and totally runs out of data, FreedomPop won’t shut off access to WhatsApp.

FreedomPop wants to succeed in the new market of Spain. In Spain, WhatsApp is tremendously popular. Connecting its service “unofficially” to Facebook’s WhatsApp is a smart move for the Los Angeles MVNO.

FreedomPop made a splash in the mobile world by coming up with a basic plan providing totally free amounts of phone minutes, texts, and data. Those quizzical about how FreedomPop could possibly make money by offering free service will find the answer to be fairly simple. The company offers more than just free service to its subscribers. Those who wish to upgrade to more expanded service are able to do so easily. Even when they are paying a set amount of money per month, the customers still end up getting a great deal. In the United States and the U.K., well over one-third of the customers upgrade to a paid service option. FreedomPop is banking on this good fortune to repeat itself in Spain and elsewhere.

The WhatsApp plan should work very well in Spain. History is sure to repeat itself. All the details about the plan are found in a nice VentureBeat article. The article is filled with interesting information about both FreedomPop and WhatsApp.

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