At FreedomPop, Low Prices Doesn’t Mean Low Standards

There is so much great information that can be taken from any FreedomPop review because it’s typically providing specific information about a service or several services from FreedomPop. A really good review will speak of how to get the services, what requirements there are for the services, the cost of the services and more. Since FreedomPop has a lot of services to offer, it’s never easy to get to talk about all of these services in every review, so some of them may simply highlight the important information that most people are looking for, such as the free cell phone service.


When FreedomPop started giving their services to the public, they had the free cell phone service, and they only kept adding more services to please their customers. The free service has great call quality with the ability to receive 4G LTE data, even though it’s only 500 MB of data that’s included with the service. With 200 minutes and unlimited texts, there still is a good amount of service on the plan that allows the user to utilize the free plan as much as possible. Many have chosen to get the free service plan but will add Wi-Fi services to their phone as well.


Adding Wi-Fi service can be a wise decision because it means that those who have a smartphone that allows them to make calls through Wi-Fi can utilize it as much as possible. FreedomPop offers their own Wi-Fi service for only five dollars per month, and anyone who wants to get unlimited data, texts, and talk can use this five-dollar a month Wi-Fi plan on their smartphone. Those using the Wi-Fi service plan must always be in a FreedomPop area that is covered by Wi-Fi in order to keep the plan working as normal.


There are other plans from FreedomPop as well, such as the ever popular unlimited everything plan for $19.99 with unlimited data, talk, and text messages. With so many similar services out there, FreedomPop is the only company that has the lowest price on the unlimited service with the same high standards. Many are still choosing the paid plan that has unlimited talk and text as well as 500 MB of data for only $10.99 because it’s a great deal. Anyone who needs additional data for the paid plan is encouraged to connect to Wi-Fi services, or pay for the extra data.