Marc Sparks: Of Model Entrepreneurship and Conquering the Odds

Many will attest to the fact that Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur. However, he does not view himself as such, simply because he believes there should not be a ceiling to define his success. He does not believe success is a matter of luck either.

Rather, he advises that one needs to plan and make the right choices to succeed. To encourage others, Marc Sparks has outlined the challenges he had to overcome and how his journey in entrepreneurship has been. This information is relayed through his publication titled They Can’t Eat You.

Among things Marc Sparks advises entrepreneurs against is depending on one source of income. To verify his claims, he describes the several businesses he owns and the ideas he is still nurturing for the future. He believes in the spirit of continual growth and that has inspired him to own a multitude of businesses. Basically, he is involved in telecommunications, but any other business idea is invited as long as it is viable and relevant.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

One thing unique about Marc Sparks is the fact he pursues areas that many entrepreneurs have shied away from. He invests in the least explored areas despite the high risk levels. His bravery and creativity have contributed to much of the success he has attained.

Venture capitalism

Mark is also generous with information and resources and would love to see others succeed as well. He gives start ups money to establish their businesses. Marc Sparks also offers technical support to young entrepreneurs who are struggling to understand their markets. On venture capitalism, he has been quite successful and most of the ideas he has supported have grown into solid and competitive businesses.

As mentioned earlier, Marc Sparks has authored a book titled They Can’t Eat You, which is a bestseller on Amazon. The book has undoubtedly motivated others to implement their business ideas. Marc Sparks reiterates that it’s possible for any individual to emerge triumphant, as long as the dedication and zeal to achieve success reigns.  Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

Additionally, Marc Sparks is one of those people who are passionate about sharing and lifting others from the ground. In this regard, he donates to programs within Texas that support the youth to access high school diplomas.  Read more: @msparks5010

Spark Tank
Spark Tank is an idea that was conceived from the interaction between Marc Sparks and Lynne. This is a program that opens invitations to social service executives who have ideas that have the capacity to trigger social success. The program rewards the winner $5,000.

To enter, one is required to submit an application online with details about the idea to be presented. This information is picked by a panel of judges, who choose three ideas from the many that are submitted and the chosen entrants invited for live presentations that should identify the final winner.