Clayton Hutson Brings Success to Business and the Stage

Putting together a successful world tour for any musician or music group takes an incredible amount of talent and work. Having a huge headliner does no good if the myriad of other details to make the tour successful are not attended to. The art of creating and managing a huge and successful world tour is one which Clayton Hutson has perfected. Clayton Hutson already has an impressive resume of artists he has worked with, including acts such as Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Prince, and Guns N’ Roses. His extensive experience will no doubt be a huge asset as Hutson manages Halsey’s upcoming world tour. Acts such as Kehlani, Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony, Jessie Reyez, and Niki will all join her on various phases on her tour.


While Halsey’s tour will undoubtedly pull on Clayton Hutson’s considerable experience as a manager for so many notable stars world tours, Hutson also brings a solid business background to the table. Clayton Hutson had worked for other production companies for years. He felt it was time to take all he had learned as well as his extensive e experience and to go out on his own. He launched his business as a sound manager during the recession, and despite many obstacles made it successful. He utilized a solid web presence as well as social media to reach out to possible clients. His intuitive use of both led to an increase in business and success as a tour manager. He has made sure that when referrals are given to others about him, people can easily find pertinent information about him.


Clayton Hutson is also known for being on the cutting edge of sound technology. For instance, in 2011, Hutson had Aaron Lewis, lead singer of Staind, use DiGiCo’s first SD11 console. Hutson pushed to be the very first to use the console on tour. When on the 2017 OneRepublic tour, Hutson used the Kinesys Elevation 1+ system to reduce the number of cables needed to run the various systems. Clayton Hutson is always looking out for equipment that will make the tours he manages better for the crew, talent, and audience. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson and his Live Sound Engineering Adventures

Clayton Hutson, the leading production manager cum live sound engineer, has some highest reputation by collaborating with many prominent artists and helping them to ensure the finest sound experience for their stage shows and events. He is known for offering a wide range of services in the performance industry including stage management, rigging, monitor engineering, production design, logistics management, show production, and production management. All of the services of Hutson are highly economical, and he wants to ensure that the services are offering full of delight and surprises. A large number of people approach him for tailored music programs and music production jobs based on their needs.



With his decades of expertise in sound engineering, Hutson often gets chances to use new sound engineering consoles that are introduced in the market. Interestingly, people across the world look for his thoughts and insights about every new console. Even various companies approach him to know his opinion about their products. When DiGiCo introduced its console SD11, Hutson was one of the few people who got the first-hand experience on it. With many years of experience in using various consoles of DiGiCo, he accurately identified the characteristics of SD11 quite easily. Though artists consider new consoles as potential risks, Hutson was overjoyed after using SD11 and confirmed that it worked fantastically.



Since then, he became a supporter of DiGiCo consoles. Hutson had also used the other consoles of DiGiCo including SD5, SD7, SD8, and more. His journey with DiGiCo began in the early 2000s and confirms that SD11 is a significantly superior sound engineering console. According to him, the 19” console is the smallest from DiGiCo and highly economical considering its price. It employs a compact mixing system and comes with added features to make its services highly unique. Interestingly, Hutson was using the console while he was collaborating with Aaron Lewis for a tour program as he was not able to carry his own console due to varied travel modes. Learn more:



Clayton Hutson is also a fan of VER, a leading rental servicing firm in the entertainment ecosystem. The service provider offers video, audio, lighting, camera, LED, media servers, fiber, rigging, and more. According to Hutson, the solutions of VER are the perfect bet for mesmerizing events. He also keeps greater words for Kinesys Elevation +1 systems and confirms that it is simply brilliant. Hutson thinks that the movements of the system is precise and repeatable, allows accurate speaks, and makes greater execution.