The Name Lee May Is Synonymous With Baseball

Major League Baseball is the one sport that is definitely All American. Diehard fans have helped push baseball to the top of the favorite sports chart. In July of 2017, the sport lost one of it’s most beloved Hall of Fame players. Lee May, who played for the Reds, was a power house on the baseball field. From Birmingham, Alabama, he signed with the team in 1961. He was on the farm system until he played his rookie game in 1967. He gave an admirable performance, and was named Sporting News Rookie of The Year. A team mate nicknamed him The Big Bopper of Birmingham.


Lee May lead the team in home runs in 1968 and 1969, and was an extremely powerful hitter. May was a very persuasive man with a no nonsense, easy going personality, and a contagious sense of humor. His words carried a lot of weight in the club house with his team mates. Tommy Helms was one who reacted positively to May’s clear directives. Labeled the Big Red Machine, lee May and his team mates dominated the National League in 1970. The Reds did a clean sweep of the Pirates, and competed against the Baltimore Orioles in the all famous world Series Game. May was a shining star, batted a 389 in the Series.


The Series had the Reds trailing five to three at one point. May batted a three run homer that put them ahead in the Series. Although the Series ended with the Orioles on the winning end, the Reds had proven themselves to be great contenders for the title. After several seasons with the Reds, May was sent to Houston to play with the Astros. He later played for the Royals and the Orioles. After 1982, Lee May became the hitting instructor for the Royals.