End Citizens United’s Determined Goal For 2018

There has been a silent but important battle going on beneath the curtains of our Nations Capital for almost a decade now. The United States government has become beholden and battered by the rise of dark money and special interests in the political realm. The reason for this rise in dark money can be attributed directly to the debate before the Supreme Court that was brought up by the conservative movement, Citizens United.

Citizens United, led by lawyer James Bopp, effectively fought for and opened up the purse strings of corporate lobbyists in the political realm. This damaging event has led to a downward slide in accountability at the highest level of government. Fortunately there is a team at work fighting against the Citizens United decision, End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is what is called a political action committee. These committees are largely in charge with making dramatic change at the highest levels of government by way of engineering grassroots optimism, raising funds, and endorsing politicians whoa re willing to fight for the right changes that they believe in. End Citizens United is a PAC that was developed in order to combat against the damaging and dangerous Citizens United decision back in 2010. Their goal is ultimately to introduce a constitutional amendment in order to rid the US government of the Citizens United ruling. Doing so would help give a little more power back to the people while taking it away the corporations who have polluted the political spectrum.

End Citizens United has been having one heck of a year in the wake of President Trump’s inauguration. With so many people standing against Donald Trump, End Citizens United has been able to harness their energy into fundraising in order to bring the fight to the White House in order to render real change. Through the first quarter of 2017 End Citizens United has raised nearly $4 million in funds with their goal to be raising a total $35 million by the end of the year. End Citizens United is setting themselves up to compete with their chosen legislators during the 2018 Congressional Elections which could likely change the entire landscape of the United States.

Tiffany Muller is the president of End Citizens United and she understands that there is a long way to go before real change can be rendered at the highest levels of government. The reason? The government has never been this partisan before and finding bipartisan support will prove to be almost impossible. Still, End Citizens United is focused on bringing on board high ranking progressive politicians in order to support their endeavors including Elizabeth Warren — who will be running in 2018 during the campaigns.

The End Citizens United: We want to Change the World

The End Citizens United is a private organization that was first created through a court ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States. Although the name of the organization is quite self-explanatory, they did almost everything except bring the people of the United States together. According the Supreme Court, large corporations and business owners now have the permission and the freedom to invest all of their money without questioning their reasons for doing so, which in turn gave these businesses the opportunity to receive tax exemptions, and use influential people as role models as a way of justification. As a result, the investments that are started by numerous political parties started to grow rapidly, thus making this a method to keep all of their properties safe from government confiscation. The corruption in the government started to build more and more, which resulted in dangling money in front of various political officials for them to follow to what they want. Since this began, the people started to notice the change, and began to protest and unite as one to stop these people from corrupting the government.


Due to these many discrepancies, The End Citizens United Organization was formed. With all the corruption that has been influencing the United States political scene, numbers and numbers of citizens started to come forward and protest against these officials, and have been questioning the authority that has been bestowed to them. The current party that has been ruling has only been able to manage the position because they have been giving money to other political parties. Since this organization was formed, they have been working on protesting against these injustices that have been going around and spreading in the United states political system for a number of years, thus receiving a lot of public recognition with numbers of influential individuals coming forward to support the cause. The people in the organization started becoming powerful and confident, why is why they have been trying to make other people around the country understand that the political system should go back to the way it was controlled before all the corruption started. The End Citizens united has been struggling and working hard to attain this because it is not only them who will benefit, but all the other American people who want to restore transparency in the system.


The organization has been able to raise millions of dollars within the past year to help fight against the flawed system. Through their efforts, the group has labeled themselves as a self-governing party that supports democratic parties. Even if they are capable of voicing out, they still think that republican parties can be overturned. But despite the accusations, the organizations still believes that the country will be able to fight back against this, and restore everything to the way it used to be.

Thor Halvorssen Works With A Purpose

If there is anything that could help a person make a difference in the lives of others, it is having a purpose. Thor Halvorssen definitely has a purpose and works with it. His purpose is to play a part in the fight for a more humane world where every human is treated as equals. Unfortunately, there are many cultures where humans are treated as objects. There are a ton of underdeveloped countries that are ruled by tyrannical dictators. They do everything they can in order to make sure that they have control over even the thoughts of the humans they rule over.

To make things even worse, a lot of those countries are impoverished. Dictatorship governments like North Korea are faced with a famine. The Kim Dynasty has definitely run the country to the ground. Thor Halvorssen is one of the many activists that are working on finding a way to put an end to the rule of the Kim Dynasty. Thor Halvorssen is also working on fighting against the corruption of government so that the people who live under these rules can have the freedom to decide for themselves what they want for their lives.

Among the other issues that Thor is fighting is slavery. There are countries that are still involved in the slave trade and human trafficking. Thor and his Human Rights Foundation are looking for ways to put a stop to all of human rights violations throughout the globe. Thor is doing it with a lot of passion and energy. He is also doing it out of his love for people. He is also trying to change the image of human rights activism from the person who loves to talk about the issues to someone who is willing to take action and even put his neck on the line for the rights of others.

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