Richard A. Smith Invites GTL For An Independently Judged Comparison Process Of Their Technologies

On January 23rd, Securus Technologies’ chief executive officer, Richard A. Smith, announced his invitation for GTL to participate in an unbiased analysis session, comparing their technologies. The analysis process will involve evaluation of who among the two communication firms has the best and largest product set, the most recent and modern high-tech telephone calling forum, the most investment in the business and affordable communications means and the best customer ratings. Richard A. Smith stated that the aim of the process was to devalue GTL’s claims that Securus’ technologies match theirs. He said that the process would have the chairing by an independent judge who would prove that Securus has better-calling platforms, product sets, and customer service forums. Richard believes that his firm provides better services due to the 700 million dollar investment that they have utilized to enhance communications. He revealed that Securus has also acquired companies, product development strategies, and technologies that are a state of the art status.


Richard clarified that Securus is aware of the systems that GTL uses since they used to have older and less efficient technologies. According to the report released by Securus, they have larger product sets that have proven useful to the correctional facilities. Securus has a locally based call center whereas GTL imports most of it customer services. Securus has trained field technicians, unlike GTL which contracts most of its staff. In addition to Securus having a larger Voice Over Internet Protocol Correction that is cheaper and faster, former GTL clients who currently use Securus have expressed the upgrade in their communication. Richard Smith stated that if GTL is confident that their diligence and technology is better than that of Securus, they should take up the comparison bake challenge. However, he also stated that it would be smarter if GTL politely declined the invite.

Love for Customers

Securus Technologies is a information technologies firm currently based in Dallas, Texas. They focus all of their development and attention on providing excellent customer service and products for their customers, which just so happens to be incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. The products that Securus Technologies produces are mainly communications based applications, such as video chat applications for mobile devices which are supported on both Apple and Android. These applications can be used by inmates and their family members to communicate with one another seamlessly and with high-quality video, which allows them to avoid the usual humdrum of in-person visitation and security checks within the prison itself. While these products have been available for quite some time now and have assisted many individuals with the communication issues Securus itself as a company has recently been the target of scrutiny from other information technology corporations such as GTL.


GTL, another giant within the information technology field, has suggested and several media reports online a few months ago that Securus Technologies is about to lose all of its patents for its products. This would mean that security would lose all rights to the technology that they have developed and other companies would have the right to sell them as they desired. After some research was done by Securus itself, alongside some of its allies in the industry, it has been proven that these accusations by GTL are inaccurate and that Securus still maintains all of the patents for its products. This is good news for Securus customers as it means they will continue to receive the support and high-quality products that they’ve come to know and love.