Rodrigo Terpins, Racer Extraordinaire

Rodrigo Terpins inherited two things from his father, Jack Terpins: A passion for competitive sports and a passion for business. Both are very successful at both. But while both men have a passion for competitive sports, their interests are in different sports: The father with basketball, the son with race car driving. Back during the 60s and 70s, Jack was a famous Brazilian basketball player playing for Hebraica. After college, he became a very successful real estate investor, defender of young people, and leader in the Jewish community of Brazil.


Based on, in this last role, he ascended to become the president of the Latin American Jewish Council, president of the Macabi Latin American Confederation, and vice president of the Macabi World Union. In 1991 he was made Hebraica’s Sports Director. And both of his sons, Rodrigo and Michel, have done his family great honor. Both have found great success in the Brazilian race car driving world. They are the founding members of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The two have raced in the annual Sertoes Rally for many years. Rodrigo considers 2014’s 22nd edition particularly noteworthy.


It marked the first time the veteran racer, Rodrigo, drove a T-Rex. The race track that year was notably shorter than previous years, passing through only two Brazilian states: Goias and Minas Gerais. He and his partner Fabricio Bianchini faced off against 38 competitors, finishing in a very impressive eighth place after the first stage and ended up in 13th place overall. His brother Michel and his driving partner, Sven von Borries, also did well in the 22nd. 2016’a 24th edition saw Michel and his partner start out the multi-stage race very well.


However, at a later stage, they experienced a mishap that left the suspension damaged and forced them to finish the race at a significantly slower pace. Both brothers also compete in the annual Brazilian Cross-Country Rally Championship and the Mitsubishi Cup. The entire Bull Sertoes Rally Team always has a good showing in every race entered. You can visit for more info.