The Paradox Of Kabbalah Centres

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centers were established through the funding and influence of a globally popular pop star by the name of Madonna. Although the city and even Hollywood itself had Jews before her and at the time she influenced Kabbalah culture and philosophy, non-Jewish celebrities did not know about it and had not bothered learning about the doctrine. Madonna changed all that the moment she denounced her religion, joined Judaism and became an avid student of Kabbalah. Then, for various reasons, celebrities from Hollywood, pop stars and movie stars alike, started streaming joining those centers that she had helped to establish converted to Judaism. Some of the famous personalities who got interviewed about their decision to subscribe to the Jewish mysticism include, were Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis, Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe and, Britney Spears.

For obvious reasons revolving around Kabbalah, Orthodox Jewish Rabbis found the trend of Hollywood superstars being taught Kabbalah to be vile, undesirable and against the very essence of Kabbalah. They did not remain hush about it either: they wrote to the Orthodox Jewish community in protest, making harsh conclusions about the whole affair. Kabbalah Centre International – YouTubeThey accused the Kabbalah Centers of;

• Teaching the sacred and preserve doctrine to non-Jewish and vain celebrities
• Not observing the stipulations of Kabbalah yet propagating to represent it
• Exposing secret documents with protected information to the world for the sake of profit
• Allowing females and males below 40 years of age access to the ancient teachings

It could have been possible that the rebuke had not been sanctioned for the noble cause of trying to teach people how to be closer to God. There could have been a strong reason that the rabbis were simply annoyed that a good percentage of the celebrities converted to Judaism to learn Kabbalah could have done it for vain reasons like satisfying their curiosity as well as to seek attention. One such individual who shed bad light into Kabbalah by the way that she treated it was Britney Spears for more info: click here.

However, Madonna asserted her reasons for opening the Kabbalah centers were to help other people receive the peace that Kabbalah had to offer. She claimed that Kabbalah dictated that all human being are put on earth to help others, and since Kabbalah had brought so much peace into her life, she had resolved to share the doctrine with her peers.