Former UN Chief Warns of World War III Threat with New US Law

Former Director General of a United Nations agency called WIPO or World Intellectual Property Organization, Kamil Idris, warned the world that due to a new United States law, the threat of a new World War has been escalated. Kamil Idris has been both the Director General of WIPO as well as the head of UPOV or the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. He holds a Bachelor of Law, a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, a Masters in International Law and International Affairs, a Doctorate in International Law, and two honorary Doctorates. Idris’ credentials speak for themselves and they command that one takes his analysis seriously.

The American law that has Idris concerned about the onset of World War Three in his new book is called JASTA. This law gives American citizens the right to sue foreign governments in American courts. The problem with JASTA is that it violates international law which does not allow governments to be tried in the court of another country.

One reason why Americans wanted this law is because of the horrible attacks on September 11th, 2001. Four commercial jet planes were hijacked by nineteen members of the terrorist group, Al-Qaeda. These planes were crashed into Word Trade Center buildings 1 and 2, the United States Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 American citizens perished on that day, and thousands of others suffered long-term health problems as a result. It recently became declassified that Saudi Arabia, an ally of the United States, provided much of the funding for the attacks on September 11th and Americans wanted justice.

If Saudi Arabia, or Saudi Arabian officials went on trial in the American court system, this would pose several geopolitical problems that could lead to war. The court systems in America will be biased and emotional and will find against Saudi Arabia. The United States will be forced to take some sort of legal action, which would put a damper in their relationship with Saudi Arabia. This is a very slippery slope- a slope that Idris argues will start World War Three if it is not dealt with.

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