Sustain the Earth with Waiakea

Waiakea is the first of its kind. It is a bottled water that is on a mission. Unlike other bottled water brands that focus on only one area to improve their customer focus on, Waiakea works to make sure that they can help the people who buy the water and help people around the world. While Waiakea has not always been on the market, it is something that is expected to be available for many years to come because of the way that it works to make things better and more sustainable for people who drink it and purchase it over other brands of water.

The water that Waiakea uses is sourced directly from the volcanic area of Hawaii. It is a water that has healing properties and benefits and works to help cells regenerate. It is an ideal brand of water because of the silica that is in it. There are numerous benefits to drinking water that contains silica, but one of the most notable benefits is that it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and other diseases that could wreak havoc on the body. The silica that is in Waiakea is completely natural and comes from the volcanoes.

When it comes to bottled water, there has been a lot of controversy. Bottled water can be harmful because the plastic that is used for the bottles is detrimental to the environment and can cause major issues. Waiakea is working to fight that by only using recycled and recyclable plastic for their water bottles. The bottles are made up of 100% recycled materials and they can be recycled much easier than other types of bottled water because of the way that they are made. The process is much more sustainable and reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Yet another way that Waiakea is helping to save people around the world is in that it provides help to people who do not have access to drinking water. Portions of each bottle of Waiakea water that is sold goes to help get clean water to people who are in need of it. Throughout the world, in undeveloped countries, there is a crisis. These people do not have access to many things that people in other countries take for granted. One of these things is access to drinking water that is healthy, clean and will not spread diseases throughout their communities.

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