Alexandre Gama’s Success as an Entrepreneur in the Advertising Industry

      Alexandre Gama is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in Brazil and the rest of the world. He is known for being an astute businessman as well as a philanthropist. As an entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama has managed to build himself an empire. His company, Neogama, is a respected name in the advertising and communications industry. Neogama also helps its clients with marketing and branding.

What most people do not know about Alexandre Gama is that he is a writer and editor. He used to be a copywriter years back and this skill has helped him throughout his career. Alexandre Gama is almost seventy years old but his business acumen still thrives. Not only is he the founder of Neogama but he also the company’s CCO.

While most people know Alexandre Gama as an influential entrepreneur, some of them do not know that he is also keen on nurturing young talent. He has mentored young and old yet passionate businessmen who have just started out. With his experience and knowledge in the advertising sector, being mentored by Gama is an opportunity of a lifetime.

In order to keep his business top of its game, Gama is keen on quality and creativity. These two important skills have helped him soar high in the industry. For instance, he takes pride in being the only Brazilian member of a group of advertising firms known as Publicis Groupe Global Creative. The Group is only comprised of six members from all over the world.

Finding Long Lasting Relief for Your Osteoarthritis Pain: Osteo Relief Institute

Deep aching pain in your joints is no fun. In fact more than 50 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. The doctors and staff at Osteo Relief Institute understand that you want long lasting relief from your osteoarthritis pain. We are specially trained to help you find the right solution.


How Do You Do This?

The first step is to assess and screen the areas that are causing you the most pain. We offer an introductory screening that covers the problem areas and provides you with treatment options. Osteo Relief Institute has all the latest technology and equipment to provide the best solutions for you.


Our highly trained osteopathic specialists can offer treatments that can eliminate or reduce your pain forever.


Why Should I go to Osteo Relief Institute?

Our trained specialists can help you assess treatment options. This is an important second step in finding that long lasting relief from your osteoarthritis pain. It should be noted that there is no actual cure for osteoarthritis. Osteo Relief Institute can, however, give you the best treatment options (ReporterExpert).


Managing the osteoarthritis pain can be difficult without some guidance and direction. This can be in the form of diet and exercise routines that you can do yourself or other non-surgical options.


Are there Any Guarantees That I won’t have Surgery?

No, there are no guarantees that you may not in the future have to have surgery. Osteo Relief Institute provides many up-to-date procedures that help you avoid costly surgery. If surgery is needed, there are still options available to make it minimally invasive.


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. When daily routines and exercise no longer works for you, it is best to seek out medical advice. A skilled osteopathist can determine treatment options including surgery to relieve the pain permanently.


Treating You like Family-Customized treatment options

Your health and well-being is our primary concern. Our trained physical therapists can help you regain some mobility loss through osteoarthritis. We can also provide you with routine exercises that provide some relief.

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The Man Behind MB2 Dental Solutions; Chris Villanueva

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, a businessman, dentist and a founder of a company. He truly is a jack of all traits. He founded the company named, MB2 Dental Solutions. This organization has been able to provide a number of different services and is very well known among the people. This organization, MB2 Dental Solutions provides dental services. All the professional dentists love this organization as it provided them with amazing services. These professional don’t have to care about every single little task at their clinics, thanks to MB2 Dental Solutions. Dentists are professionals that are trained to care for the patient’s teeth, and that is it. They are not supposed to do other tasks such as human resources related work, accounting, etc. They don’t need to waste their time doing such tasks. All they need to be doing and focusing on is the patient’s teeth.

Just like every other dentist in the world, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva went through a similar experience as well. He had to deal with different tough tasks that were not really related to dentistry. However, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva got a business idea from this experience. This is how MB2 Dental Solutions came into being. As Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was a dentist himself, he knew exactly what needed to be done. He understood what other dentists were going through and he wanted to make the whole dentistry experience efficient for himself and other dentists as well.

The organization, MB2 Dental Solutions has served many dentists across the country through the many years of its existence. MB2 Dental Solutions is currently providing services in 6 different states in the United States of America. There are 70 clinics working under MB2 Dental Solutions. A lot of dentists have acknowledged the efforts of this organization and believe that such organizations can really help them do work efficiently and focus. They absolutely love the support they have been receiving from MB2 Dental Solutions.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva gained a lot of success and popularity because of his efforts and MB2 Dental Solutions. He is considered as a very vital figure in the dental industry in the country. He has always been passionate about his work and dentistry. He is a true example of how hard work can be so rewarding. He is a strong believer in the saying, “Do what You Love.”

The Role Played By Salvi Rafael Folch In Mexican Media

     Mexico offers a variety of news and information choices across a broad spectrum of traditional and modern media.The country has a lot of newspapers both national and regional. The free broadcast is dominated by two companies which are Televisa and Tv Azteca with other small broadcasters having little grasp on the market.  Pay Tv and internet services are also across the market as well as a variety of radio media especially in the capital mexico city.

The media landscape in mexico has grown immensely over the past two decades.The major media houses such as Televisa and Tv Azteca have for a long time been criticised for only supporting the official government view instead of conducting their own investigations in issues affecting the nation.The media in mexico was for a long time dominated by Jacobo Zabludovsky who passed away and was replaced by Joaquin Lopez Doriga who has a large influence in the capital televisions news market.

The magazine portion of mexico media is one of the most diverse.In addition to giants such as Nexos, a large group of newcomers such as Gatopardo and Emeequis are also penetrating the market.The news magazine sector is also largely competitive with most magazine media engaging in news.

Grupo Televisa,S.A.B. is not only a media company but also a cable operator DTH satellite pay television in mexico.The company operates through different segments with different segments taxed differently.For example the the cable segment which includes operation of cable multiple system in the metropolitan area of mexico city.The company distributes the content it produces through various broadcast channels in Mexico and in about 50 other countries.

Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch is the chief financial officer of Grupo Televisa.He has a wealth of experience in this sector as he previously served as the general manager and financial manager at Comercio Mas and also was formerly the vice president and planning officer of televisa.He is also the vice president of banking supervision of superintendency of banks and the national commision.

Mr salvi Viadero has been member of the national banking and securities since April 2002.

Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero, the current C.F.O at the Televisa Group

     Depending on the number of newspapers, radio stations, and television networks in the country, Mexico has become a media powerhouse Spanish-speaking audience. Mexico’s conventional newspapers and magazines include those that are independent. For several years, the press was supported the PRI. The media later diversified to reflect a broader spectrum of opinion.

The magazine market is one of the most dynamic areas of Mexico’s media landscape. Other than the mainstay publication such as Nexos and Proceso, there are several entrants in the market like the Gatopardo, Emeequis, and Chilango. New entrants in the market are bringing variety and flavor to the media industry in Mexico.

There are also Mexican versions of magazines such as GQ and Esquire, but there are also a lot of magazines with local content. Proceso is a compelling brand in the news market. Letras Libres is more about cultural affairs, and it’s a bit pretentious. Nexos produces dense but good content with strong writing.

The Televisa group had been dominant in the Mexican media. Its C.F.O is Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero. The media house had strong connections with governing Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Televisa is the leading media company in the Spanish-speaking world. However, it is facing competition from new entrants in the market. It is an important cable operator and a leading satellite pay television system in Mexico. The company broadcasts its content via channels in Mexico and more than 50 countries. These channels are popular for airing Mexican soap operas.

Televisa also has also invested in publication and distribution of magazines, radio production and broadcasting, professional sports, and live entertainment. The company also has interests in feature-film production and distribution and gaming.


Profile of Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

The current Chief Finance Officer at Grupo Televisa is Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero. He is also the Vice President of the Administrative Department of the Grupo Televisa. Before becoming the C.F.O, at Televisa, he was the Financial and General Manager at the Comercio Mas.

He has worked as the Director of Grupo Televisa from 2002. He also sits a board member of the Directors of the Network.

Alexandre Gama is an Advertiser of Repute

     Alexandre Gama is 58 years old. His place of birth is Rio de Janeiro. He is an advertiser, businessman as well as an entrepreneur. His accomplishments are in copywriting, marketing along with advertising. During the 80s, he built a reputation of being among the best writers and copywriters of Brazil. Since then he has maintained this reputation. In 1999, Alexandre Gama founded Neogama. He is currently serving as its Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, Alexandre Gama is serving as an executive member of the Global Creative Board. He is more the only person from Brazil in this group.

Alexandre Gama had assisted BBH in the fight for attaining the true rights for being a global communication network agency.

He received his education in advertising from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado of Brazil. In 1982 he started working as a writer. His first job was with Standard Ogilvy. In 1990 he moved on and joined DM9. His tenure with DM9 lasted four years. During this time he was considered as the most awarded writing professional of Brazil.

Even his company, Neogama is the recipient of numerous awards. Due to all these reasons, Alexandre Gama has earned a reputation for himself.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian Top Legal Professional and a Esteemed Scholar

     Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian attorney with in-depth knowledge of matters, such as ethics, compliance, and administrative, urban, and regulatory law. Jorge Fagali is a senior lawyer and founder of Fagali Advocacy.

Jorge Fagali’s career and academic history

Jorge Fagali spends most of his time at his law firm attending to his vast clientele. Jorge Fagali is a visionary attorney with great ideas on how to handle clients facing various forms of lawsuits. His expertise and professional wit have made him famous in the legal fraternity. Before launching his business, Jorge Fagali worked at Radi, Calil, and Associados Advocacia. It is at this law firm that he acquired work experience and developed a passion for solving legal matters.

Jorge Fagali also worked as an intern in different law firms in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During his years as an intern, he had an opportunity to study various short causes, such as compliance, administrative, and commercial law. He is a graduate who holds degrees from various learning institutions. He has a master’s degree in state, administrative and anti-corruption law. Jorge Fagali is multilingual and can fluently speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. During his years as a scholar, he was a bright student, and this made him acquire several college scholarships.

Jorge Fagali’s achievements

Jorge Fagali is the attorney who came up with the “Code of Conduct” policy. He developed this initiative to guide local firms on how to deal with corruption cases. During his early years as an attorney, Jorge Fagali has worked for high profile clients, and this has contributed to his success.  Some of the cases he handled attracted media attention making him a well-known attorney.  Jorge Fagali’s skills and knowledge enabled him to win these cases thereby increasing his business portfolio. He has also had a chance to mentor various upcoming lawyers who worked under him. Jorge Fagali spends his spare time engaging in outdoor and volunteer activities.


Sawyer Howitt Pinpoints the Most Favorable Cities for Millennials to Invest

     During the global recession, Millennials were among the most affected groups. However, after the recession, they rose with great ideas that have revolutionized many industries. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2011 report, young people born between 1980 and 2000 established over 160,000 new enterprises a month. Given that 27 percent of the millennial are self-employed, it is evident that they have reshaped many industries.

One rising star that has attracted attention from all over the world is Sawyer Howitt. The 17-year-old high school graduate has demonstrated unmatched skills in the financial sector. His ideas about customer-brand interactions have stood unique across the globe.

According to Howitt, starting a business today is easier than it was before. Today, getting investors or small-business loans is easier. Moreover, commercial spaces are being leased at short-term basis making them more affordable to the youth. He also advises that combining workplace and living space could be a beneficial option of saving money. Before setting up a shop, one should consider access to funding, economy, the potential for networking, the age of the population, and access to high-speed broadband, Sawyer advises.

Where to Open a Shop

Sawyer Howitt has identified eight cities in which one could open a store and reap lots of profits. San Francisco, Austin, Salt Lake City, Palo Alto, Denver, Yorba Linda, Minneapolis, and Santa Monica. According to Sawyer, these cities hold a lot of potential owing to several factors including high literacy rates, ease of accessing loans, low unemployment rates, high purchasing power and number of colleges.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a 17-year-old entrepreneur with a unique understanding of financial operations. The Lincoln High School graduate serves as the project manager at his father’s firm, Meriwether Group. Currently, he is developing strategies through, which businesses can quickly adapt to technological changes.

At his young age, Sawyer has been involved in several philanthropic activities. He is a fierce advocate for women rights and supporting programs that empower the youth. He is also armed with vast skills in presentations, minute taking, and complex spreadsheets.

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Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian attorney who specializes in Law, Compliance, Ethics, Administrative Law, Urban Law, and Regulatory Law

     Bruno Fagali, the founder of a law firm that specializes in Business compliance, Financial Ethics, Administrative Law, Urban Law, and National Regulatory Law for Brazil. He is a genius at preventing and guidance at the prevention of corruption in business. His specialty is in finances, but regulatory as well.

His vast knowledge of how the law works, combined with how people think has helped him to be of assistance to countless organizations. He began studying at the Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paolo, Brazil. When he graduated with his bachelor’s degree, he then went on to study at several other institutions for further information on his practice specialty.

After that was completed, some years later, Bruno Fagali went on to study for his Master’s degree in law. His work at Office Model Law Firm was his next move as an intern, where he learned how to be the best attorney possible. That work has led him to where he is today in his practice. There were lessons along the way.

The largest lesson was how to help guide a business to become the best that they can in these times. The ability to practice what he preaches has also come into play. That path has guided him and his clients through some of the toughest decisions one can imagine. After all, that’s what any good attorney does for the client.

In the future, his goals are to expand his practice to serve clients through the constant change that can happen with any business. In Brazil, the compliance laws are always changing, and having a lawyer that specializes in maintaining that compliance is an asset that is beyond a price. It can mean the difference between failure and success in today’s economic scene for any business with investments, and other money abroad.

Mr. David McDonald’s Developments in the OSI Group

     Mr. David McDonald is the chief operating officer and president of OSI Group, LLC. He served as the OSI Industries’ project manager. Some people have also known McDonald as the chairman North American Meat Institute. He has also served at Marfrig Global Foods as an independent Director since 2008. David McDonald is included among the members of the board of directors of OSI Group. Not only does he hold an Iowa State University Animal Science degree, but also serves as OSI International Foods’ director.

How has he grown OSI Group?

OSI Group is a leading international company specializing in food processing. In 2012, the firm celebrated 20 years of operating in China. Under McDonald’s rule, for 20 years, OSI has grown the economy of China. The firm supplied 113 tons of its various products such as dehydrated onion, beef, eggs, chicken as well as pork during the Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008. OSI China got zero complaints which, were greatly appreciated by the Beijing and McDonald’s Olympic Committee. The business, since then, has supplied to other places such as Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Yum, Saizeriya and Papa John’s.

OSI Group is one of the biggest suppliers of McDonald Corporation, and it invests globally by building various plants in developing markets. The firm entirely owns Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd, a branch specializing in northern India Vegetable processing since 2013. Located about 18 miles from Chandigarh International Airport and 155 miles north New Delhi, the firm sits in the biggest vegetable consumption and production region of India. It also houses one of the largest nation’s lines of vegetable processing operated and owned by Pagro Frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Since the start, OSI has operated together with McDonald’s. The venture has enabled OSI Food Solutions Europe to create the ability to support development in the future. The organization views this business as a significant strategic business in a nation having a bright future in agriculture.