Genome Research Firm ForeSite’s CEO and Executive M.D, Jim Tananbaum Welcomes Dr. Molly He

The leading genomic research center and pharmaceutical company, Foresite recently welcomed Dr. Molly Ph.D., as one of the board partners. The highly experienced researcher brings an untold wealth into the well-funded R&D Departments of the San Francisco-based institution.

New partner at ForeSite

According to Businesswire upon the official confirmation of the appointment of Dr. Molly, the CEO and M.D of ForeSite Capital Inc. Jim Tananbaum had this to say. He was mighty glad that the revered scientist had agreed to come and work with them. Jim Tananbaum referred to her as an invaluable asset citing her close to twenty years’ experience in the genome sequencing arena. ForeSite Inc. hopes to make many great positive strides moving forward thanks in part to the significant contribution of the eminent researcher.

Dr. Molly’s move to ForeSite was preceded by yet another successful stint at Illumina Inc. also a giant genome splicer technologies firm in the USA. While at Illumina her main responsibilities revolved around helping work with partner scientists to come up with means and ways to view the entire gene sequencing in proteins, in real-time. Previous to that, the scientist held a top-ranking position over at Nankal University. Her core focus was studying how to manipulate cells such that they can attack specific cells: cancer cells.

Publications and Patents

She’s written plenty of ground-breaking research findings over the course of the decade she spent analyzing how to make nanobot-like-cells to boost the system immunity. As a matter of fact, Dr. Molly currently holds the exclusive rights to 20 plus patents on medical applications of her studies. She received her top honors Doctorate at the University of California (UCLA).She holds an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the university of Nankal.

About ForeSite Capital

It is just your everyday successful hedge fund investment firm but with a slight twist. ForeSite specializes mostly on investments in the healthcare industry. It gets headed by one of the smartest scientistists of our time. Jim Tananbaum is an almnus of Harvard Medical School, MIT and the Harvard Business School to top it all up. Thanks to his refined acumen investors are almost assured of walking away triple digit gains on their initial investments. The core sectors of the company owned and run by Jim Tananbaum are in are in genomics, biotechnology, medical and health services. The outlet has recently embarked on an ambitious expansion project which has seen it open up a new branch in New York. ForeSite currently operates with San Francisco as the HQ.

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