Article re-cap on Campaign Software

NGP VAN is a software development company that specializes in creating interactive platforms for web and database hosting. The company based in Washington DC provides persons and organization with web and mobile tools that help them mobilize their support through information dissemination they can also use platforms to fund raise and receive feedback from their supporters.

NGP VAN was formed out of the idea that the landscape of the United States campaign has changed from a time where it involved the candidates doing a labor-intensive drive to a period where the battles are run virtually through technologically intensive methods. The internet has been used to reach out to people who are far and wide, and within concise time information can be shared.

It is through this idea that NGP VAN has been at the forefront of designing contemporary voter models that help Democrats leaders running for office identify the potential base of its voters on a large scale and mobilize them to turn out in the Election Day. President Barrack Obama’s election in 2008 and his subsequent re-election in 2012 are proof of the company’s technology-focused campaign strategy that relied on social media and a focus of the voters’ big data.

Political parties that make use of new technologies in their camping strategies always improve the popularity of its leaders significantly. An excellent example of such a person is President Franklin De Roosevelt who harnessed the power of radio and television which was new concept than to run his campaigns effectively and it saw him get re-elected to office in four terms. Barrack Obama through the NGP VAN utilized the internet and other technologies to mobilize voters, a web-based platform which enabled his supporters to host meet-ups and engage in canvassing became the very pillar of his success in being elected to office.

The use of technology as a campaign strategy is however complicated than it seems, the tech landscape is changing at a breakneck pace with new ideas and inventions outsmarting earlier developments. Founded in 1997 as a Voter Activation Network NGP VAN has developed software suits that collect and analyze voter information to track the campaign progress and encourage voters to connect with the campaign. The tools provided also help donors to easily and quickly donate funds using a platform that keeps track of donations and donors making it easy for the political parties to file the contributions with the Federal Election Commission. The company has also developed mobile applications due to the high use of the Smartphone to reach an extensive section of users.