Equities First Specialties

Equities First Holdings, LLC benefits businesses and individual investors with securities based lending. Equities First is not like a bank they are an alternative shareholder financing solution. They provide loans based on the assessment of the risk factors, and the future success of the business in relation of the stocks, bonds, and the treasuries. So in a nutshell, they allow borrowers to use stock as collateral for the loan they need.

Since being founded in 2002 the company has set a trend among borrowers who are using stock as collateral in securing working collateral. Equities First has a large team of financial specialist who have been helping borrowers worldwide. They are Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a satellite office in New York City. And global offices located in Sydney, London, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. They have been effectively working with borrowers globally to tailor stock-based loans to meet their financial needs.

Banks can often have tight criteria for lending, making it difficult for some to get the loans they need. Borrowers who need to raise capital quickly or who do not fall into the credit-based loans, are finding they are not at a complete loss. The alternative methods of Equities First Holdings, has become a more popular way of obtaining loans. There are many benefits of a stock-based loan versus a typical margin loan. Unlike the stock-based loan, the credit-based or margin loan must be pre-qualified for, and must be used for a specific purpose.

Equities First specializes in a unique and effective approach to non-purpose financing. They have helped many with no restrictions on the loan. Borrowers are able to use the money for any purpose. This allows the borrower to have the means to obtain what is needed without restrictions to be used at specified location. The stock-based loans are non-recourse, which allows borrowers to walk away without any obligation. Even if the value of the collateral stock decreases.

Their specialty is providing an alternative way of providing loans to those in financial need. They deliver maximum benefits with little risk to the financial goals of the borrower. These loans are becoming a popular trend and can be beneficial to businesses of all sizes and individual investors who are meeting restrictions in obtaining their financial goals.