Eucatex andDuratex Enter Into New Partnership Deal

Eucatex and Duratex, two notable names recently confirmed that they would be entering into a collaboration to improve the services that they provide and the work that they do. Eucatex will be allowing Duratex to make use of the farms that they possess in some parts of the country in exchange for raw material in the form of thin sheets of wood.

The entire costs of the project that is being undertaken amounts to around $60 million. For Duratex, this collaboration will allow them to improve the production of raw materials, and will also be closer to some of their units in various parts of the country. The plant that would be coming into use at the farm will have approximately 280 employees and is equipped to produce the raw materials on an incredibly large scale. Read more on Business and Economics about Flavio Maluf

This new production venture will also result in the re-opening of the production unit in Itapetinga. The re-inauguration of the production unit is said to take place in April 2018, following which the manufacturing processes within the company will commence.

With a view of informing the employees within the company as well as others in the industry, Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex recently published a letter and told the public about the new venture that was going to take place. In the letter, Flavio Maluf started out by stating that he was pleased to announce the collaboration between the two companies. He noted that the company had been able to acquire a number of raw materials in exchange for the farm and production unit. In the announcement, he stated that this acquisition is a path that is going to greatly benefit the workings of the company and all that it does. This acquisition will help both companies improve their overall production capacity, thereby improving the businesses on a bigger scale. The two things that will benefit the most from this new deal is the production of fiber sheets, the manufacturing of paint and also the paper printing that is undertaken at the company.

Without a doubt, this new deal will help both the companies become important organizations within the industries that they are in. Read more: