If You Want To Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse, Jeff Herman Offers The Following Tips

It is factual that technology is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Specifically, there are tools that have come with technology, tools that do not favor children as they now spend most of their time online. But, parents cannot always monitor their ways every moment of the day. For that reason, they are always at risk of being exposed to children sexual predators. Jeff Herman, a famous attorney practicing in the area of sexual litigation provides some Useful Tips How Parents Can Protect Children from predators not only online but offline.


Discussing With Children about Predators

Children’s vulnerability makes them an easy target for sexual abuse predators. Because parents are not always available to protect their children every day, it is crucial to educate them with the right knowledge required to help them understand their body parts including which parts are off-limits. Refer to This Article for related information.


This can be done by;

  • Starting the Conversation Early

According to Jeff Herman, It is crucial for parents to start the sex talk early enough. This is because kids are fast learners and even though they may be young, they can understand basic knowledge about their bodies and the boundaries to keep when dealing with potential predators.

  • Learning to Say No

It is crucial for children to learn to say no because that is their right. Apart from that, they should insist that their bodies are respected especially by strangers.

  • Use Real Life Scenarios

Parents should make it more understandable if they let kids know that anyone in life can be abusive. This includes teachers, friends, or even family members. They should be taught that nobody has the right to touch them inappropriately.

  • Keep it Going

If you want to eradicate cases of child sexual abuse, then keep talking about its dangers to your children. That way, they shall always remember your lessons. At no point should the talk stop.


More on Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is a passionate, skilled lawyer who protects people that have been abused sexually by giving them a proper representation in court. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the field and he has represented hundreds of clients in their quest for justice. Jeff founded and is currently a Managing Partner at Herman Law, a recognized law firm.


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