Igor Cornelson: Expert Brazillian Investor

Igor Cornelsen is an investment advisor that is known to be a quick thinker. The reason he is such a quick thinker is that he thinks for himself. He does not rely on any other influences or professions. He sets a goal for himself and seeks to conquer it. Another thing that makes him such a quick thinker is because he operates solely on facts, not opinions. Cornelsen attended the Federal University of Parana. There he majored in engineering until deciding that he wanted to switch his major to economics.

Upon graduating college, Igor went on to work at an investment bank. Having learned the essential skills of calculating interest rates and understanding sliding rules, it didn’t take long for him to be promoted to work as an investment banker in Rio. Igor Cornelson was the best in his class. His ranking soon led to another promotion. In 1974, he became a member of Multibanco on their board of director’s team. Two years after that he went on to become the CEO of the company. Part of what makes Igor Cornelsen an expert of his craft is his working experience. He moved from one job to another, learning new things while overcoming challenges along the way.

Once Multibanco was bought out by the Bank of America, he looked for the next best opportunity which turned out to be a career with Unibanco. Cornelson worked there for seven years until he went to work for Libra Bank PLC. After that, he went on to work at Standard Chartered Merchant Bank taking on a similar position from his past as a member of the board of directors. Then came the golden opportunity for Cornelson to branch off and create his own business in 1995.

One gift that Igor Cornelson has is the ability to perceive an upcoming trend in the industry before other well-known industry experts. It proves that his ability to think fast and logically based on facts is what works best for him. He also uses resources such as Reuters to get up to date real-time investment information. The information that they provide is unbiased and does not include any analysis, only to the point information.

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