Jeff Yastine has a Positive Outlook for the Solar Industry Thanks to Energy Storage

Jeff Yastine believes Wall Street is wrong in its valuation of the solar industry. The former PBS Nightly Business Report anchor and correspondent thinks Wall Street has undervalued and overlooked the growth in the solar industry. This observation comes from someone who has credibility in the investing arena. While he was with PBS from 1994 to 2010, Jeff Yastine interviewed and gained valuable investing tips from some of the top investors and business owners in the world. Some of the early investment opportunities he presented to PBS viewers that turned out to be successful included Royal Caribbean, SBA Communications, and Carnival Corp. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

In an article on titled “Jeff Yastine is Gearing Up for a Solar Revolution,” Jeff discusses why he thinks solar stocks are going to rise. He believes that two rulings by the federal energy regulators and the IRS will fuel the growth of solar company stocks. First, homeowners will be eligible for a tax credit if they install a home energy storage unit in their home solar system. Second, U.S. energy grid operators have been told by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to make their power networks capable of storing energy. Storing energy makes it possible to have energy on days when sunshine and wind is limited.

Energy storage is fueling the growth of the solar industry. Jeff Yastine sees a rise in homeowners and utility companies investing in energy storage units over the next several years. As energy storage and solar panel companies work together, their stock prices will rise. The technology that is used to create solar panels is becoming more efficient and cost-effective. This has helped to lower the cost of solar panels during the past year by 40 percent. Once energy storage units become widely available, renewable energy companies can work together and push their stock prices higher. Learn more: