Malcolm CasSelle: How WAX will Change the Future of Gaming

Malcolm CasSelle is the developer of the Worldwide Asset eXchange, more commonly known as WAX. This platform was created to ensure that each transaction made online is safe and secure. The powerful platform is also using the latest blockchain technology to ensure that there would be no fraudulent transactions that will be conducted within the virtual world. WAX is powered with a fast, efficient, decentralized and flexible algorithm model known as the Delegated Proof of Stake, or DPOS for short.

DPOS has a complex system of guilds that have each delegate that is being elected by the users. Each of these guilds has a specialty, especially when dealing with transactions online. WAX has already introduced a token like a system that would work similarly to a stored value ticket, and through the tokens, the player can buy or sell the items that they need in the game. Through the introduction of blockchain technology in the field of gaming, players can also issue smart contracts, and it would allow the rise of a decentralized market that will be advantageous to all the players. The global supply of each virtual item would also increase, and it would encourage the players to do virtual transactions more often. According to Malcolm CasSelle, the introduction of WAX would cut the number of fraudulent transactions that are existing online. He also added that he is confident that WAX would deliver what has been promised – that it will drastically change the gaming industry. Malcolm CasSelle is also a supporter of cryptocurrency, and he is positive that this move would allow the birth of a new mainstream cryptocurrency.

Malcolm CasSelle admitted that there are still a few things that he has to look upon to transform his creation into a perfect gaming and trading platform. Experts have lauded the skills that Malcolm CasSelle has, and they believed that building a similar platform would need a special talent in the field of computers. Presently, Malcolm CasSelle happily works on additional projects that would further link gaming and cryptocurrency trading. As an avid cryptocurrency trader, Malcolm CasSelle believes that the future of banking and finances would depend on virtual trading.