Malcolm Casselle Opens Up The Online Gaming Community

One of the problems facing the government agencies of the world is how to regulate and protect those making purchases Online and trading in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Technology expert and entrepreneur, Malcolm Casselle has recently made his own foray into the domain of Online trading by revealing his own Online trading platform, the Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX; Casselle believes the need for a secure way of trading Online has been highlighted by the arrival of cryptocurrencies as a major area of currency which has been largely unregulated over the last few years.

As one of the main believers in the rising use of cryptocurrencies, Malcolm Casselle has set out to develop an Online community which will allow individuals and organizations a secure way of trading using blockchain technology. Each transaction attached to any item, be it virtual or physical will be recorded Online and attached to it as the development of self-regulating guilds will create more secure Online environments for all to use when trading any item.

The career of Malcolm Casselle was always going to be located in the technology investment industry and was given a major boost when one of the first Internet giants, AOL accepted his NetNoir brand into their greenhouse development program. Never seems to be an investment specialist to stand still in his career, the MIT and Stanford graduate has spent a large amount of time exploring the business opportunities on offer in Asia where he made his name as a Vice-President at Hong Kong’s Pacific Century Cyberworks.

Malcolm Casselle has also been a successful individual investing in businesses and new technologies across North America including Facebook and the Xfire social media platform he developed in 2013. Prior to the work being done by Malcolm Casselle at WAX in 2017 the leader of the company became well-known for his role as co-founder of TimeLine Labs which created an innovative way of tracking social media usage targeted towards commercial uses.