Milan Kordestani; Providing High Quality Products through Milan Farms

Milan Kordestani hails from Stanford, California. He was raised in the same area andjoinedBrooks Elementary School. His family would later move to London whereby his parents got a divorce. He attended Eaton Square School and in 2010, he relocated to Bay Area followed by enrolling at the Sacred Heart Preparatory School.

Background Information

When he turned 10, Milan started riding horses. He learned an invaluable lesson when a runway horse threw him off the platform while riding-never give up. In an interview with IdeaMensch, he reiterates the value of being persistent in life. Since then, he has been working hard to carve his career around sports, business, and agriculture. Given that children were scared of horse riding at that moment, it was shocking to see him bounce back to the field and continue to enjoy the sport like nothing happened.


According to Betts Coup, a leader at The National Horseman, Milan Kordestani immediately focused on world-class competitions where he focused on winning through blue ribbons. Within a few months, he had achieved many goals in sports. Moreover, he registered at the Atherton for progressive horse riding and in 2015 he was the winner of the first leg triple crown in a competition at CH His Supreme Reflection. He would later become the fourth winner of the American Royal. In 2016, Kordestani won the second place at the prominent World Championship Horse Show.


Besides, Milan is a successful equestrian. He established Milan Farms, a firm that capitalizes in the supply of poultry, saffron, as well as eggs. The company has branches across different cities. Under his tenure, the company has become the world’s first farm to produce saffron with spicy hydroponically and microfiber sponges. At Milan Farms, the mission is to offer honest options to clients. The management believes that transparency is a key variable when raising animals. Apart from that, they only use organic options for plants. As such, Milan Farms believes that proper work ethics should guard the business. Apart from that, Milan Farms understands that your animals should be fed on quality food. Today, this firm is revered for providing high quality products.