Beneful Dog Commercials: Whimsical and All-American Wholesomeness

What is your dog thinking about when you feed him? What’s he imagining when he crunches down on the kibbles you’re poured into his engraved dish? What do those sounds he makes while he’s chewing mean? Can anyone ever be as happy as a dog eating his absolute favorite food? If you’ve ever watched a Beneful dog food commercial, you know the answers.

Beneful commercials are quirky and unique, with an eye on current trends but a heart for wholesomeness. Most commercials star a different dog thinking out loud while he or she is eating, but each dog has generally the same thoughts. These can be pretty much summed up as, “Oh, yeah!” and “Yum.”

Each Beneful dog commercial usually starts out with a dog chowing down on his or her food, looking straight into the camera. Although dogs are man’s best friend, the man or woman plays second fiddle to the dog, who is clearly the star and clearly enjoying it. While the dog moans and chews and, through narration, says things like, “Oh, there it is!” while happily being petted or fawned over by the dog’s owner,light twinkling music plays in the background. Sometimes the tables are turned and the human plays a dog-like character talking to his companion.  Whimsical and amusing, every Beneful dog commercial is sure to delight dog owners, and if even half of what the dogs are saying about their food is true, then the dogs are sure to be happy, too.


Betsy DeVos Moves Into The Education Mainstream

In February 2017, Betsy DeVos made the move from education reform activist to a part of the new mainstream in U.S. politics, which is a move I believe could lead to a new era of growth and success in the American public school system. Ever since my own children reached school age I have begun to take an active interest in the education system and became an actively interested parent fighting for education reform in my own state; even in the early days of my own interest in education reform the name Betsy DeVos was a name I heard on many different occasions as the groups she financially backed and headed moved to help students achieve as much as possible.Before President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos to the position of Secretary of Education I had already been impressed by the level of success she had achieved as a reformer seeking to develop school choice and voucher systems that placed the power of choice in the hands of parents and families of individual students.

As I began my own research into the education reform movement and began looking at areas where charter schools and school choice programs were in place I was impressed with the high level of programs already in place as early as 2013 when more than 15 states had already begun their own school choice and voucher programs.Like most parents, I first became aware of the limitations of the U.S. public school system when my own children were born and I learned the zip code we were located in playing a major role in where my own daughters would attend school.Much like Betsy DeVos, I believe my children should not be limited by the location of our home and forced to attend a school that may not provide the best educational experience for my family.

As the name, Betsy DeVos kept on popping up as I fought to give my own children the best options available to get the best possible education I decided I should discover more about the woman fighting to assist my children in becoming as educated as possible.The information I discovered shocked me as I was not aware of the many years of educational experience Secretary DeVos has completed in her life. Mrs. DeVos’ mother was herself a public school teacher and inspired the Holland, Michigan born heir to the Prince Industries brand to become an in-school advocate for at-risk students within the Michigan public school system; the development of the Detroit-based charter schools system that has improved results for students on a regular basis since its inception a few short years ago.

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Alexandre Gama is an Advertiser of Repute

     Alexandre Gama is 58 years old. His place of birth is Rio de Janeiro. He is an advertiser, businessman as well as an entrepreneur. His accomplishments are in copywriting, marketing along with advertising. During the 80s, he built a reputation of being among the best writers and copywriters of Brazil. Since then he has maintained this reputation. In 1999, Alexandre Gama founded Neogama. He is currently serving as its Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, Alexandre Gama is serving as an executive member of the Global Creative Board. He is more the only person from Brazil in this group.

Alexandre Gama had assisted BBH in the fight for attaining the true rights for being a global communication network agency.

He received his education in advertising from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado of Brazil. In 1982 he started working as a writer. His first job was with Standard Ogilvy. In 1990 he moved on and joined DM9. His tenure with DM9 lasted four years. During this time he was considered as the most awarded writing professional of Brazil.

Even his company, Neogama is the recipient of numerous awards. Due to all these reasons, Alexandre Gama has earned a reputation for himself.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian Top Legal Professional and a Esteemed Scholar

     Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian attorney with in-depth knowledge of matters, such as ethics, compliance, and administrative, urban, and regulatory law. Jorge Fagali is a senior lawyer and founder of Fagali Advocacy.

Jorge Fagali’s career and academic history

Jorge Fagali spends most of his time at his law firm attending to his vast clientele. Jorge Fagali is a visionary attorney with great ideas on how to handle clients facing various forms of lawsuits. His expertise and professional wit have made him famous in the legal fraternity. Before launching his business, Jorge Fagali worked at Radi, Calil, and Associados Advocacia. It is at this law firm that he acquired work experience and developed a passion for solving legal matters.

Jorge Fagali also worked as an intern in different law firms in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During his years as an intern, he had an opportunity to study various short causes, such as compliance, administrative, and commercial law. He is a graduate who holds degrees from various learning institutions. He has a master’s degree in state, administrative and anti-corruption law. Jorge Fagali is multilingual and can fluently speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. During his years as a scholar, he was a bright student, and this made him acquire several college scholarships.

Jorge Fagali’s achievements

Jorge Fagali is the attorney who came up with the “Code of Conduct” policy. He developed this initiative to guide local firms on how to deal with corruption cases. During his early years as an attorney, Jorge Fagali has worked for high profile clients, and this has contributed to his success.  Some of the cases he handled attracted media attention making him a well-known attorney.  Jorge Fagali’s skills and knowledge enabled him to win these cases thereby increasing his business portfolio. He has also had a chance to mentor various upcoming lawyers who worked under him. Jorge Fagali spends his spare time engaging in outdoor and volunteer activities.


A Review Of The History And Services Offered By Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is an Austin-based company that focuses on prevention diseases and enhancing wellness of their clients. The company was founded in 1993. It offers community based health screening services. Its services target adults living across the United States. The privately run company’s chief executive officer is Colin Scully. Scully also serves as the company’s chairman. Colin co-founded the company together with Timothy Phillips. Its initial headquarters were in Florida. Over the years, the company has been able to expand its operation to all every corner of the US and in the United Kingdom.

Five years after it was founded, the company was offering screening services to over 500,000 people. At the time, it was screening for a wide range of diseases, including diabetes, cholesterol count, and inflammations. The success of services saw it open a branch in the UK in 2007. The following year, the company included atrial fibrillation screening to the list of its services. In 2012, it opened its first branch in Australia.

According to the company data, the company has been able to conduct over eight million screenings. It is estimated that presently, they conducts over one million screening every year. The services offered by the corporation include ultrasound scans, electrocardiographs, and blood screening. Through screening, they are able to detect a wide range of diseases, including peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and atrial fibrillation. Besides offering their services from their base stations, the company conducts over 160,000 local community events every year. These events increase the firm’s reach in the society, thus helping with early detection of diseases in the following: click here.

Although the company charges fees, they are extremely low and can be afforded by most people. The fees ensure that the company can continue offering its high quality healthcare services to more people globally. The outstanding services offered by Life Line Screening saw the company get accreditation from Better Business Bureau in 1996. This accreditation is a proof that the company is committed to resolving customer complaints. It earned a grading of A+ from the bureau. The quality of the company’s services is anchored on its talented staff and management team. In addition, Life Line Screening uses highly advanced equipment to ensure the accuracy of the results it obtains from the screenings.

Organization Makes The Event

For people who are wondering how to make things go more smoothly, one thing to look at is organization. The main difference between the person who seems to have it all together with life going smoothly and the person whose life is chaotic is in how organized he is in many cases. This applies to every aspect of life. One of the aspects of life that this especially applies to is event planning. For an event to go well, people have to be organized in every aspect of the event. This is one of the reasons that it is important to make sure that everything stays simple. At the same time, organization makes even the most complicated objectives seem simple.


This simplification effect is best achieved by event planning companies in NYC like Twenty Three Layers. These event planners have years of experience. Therefore, they know how to take on the different problems that they run across in event planning. Therefore, they are the corporate event planners in NYC that are worth calling. They offer a lot of services that will help simplify the party planning process for the host. They also break the goal into many workable steps so that the event turns out smoothly.


One thing that Twenty Three Layers works on is the venue selection. For one thing, a large part of the event is the venue. For instance, some venues are too small for certain plans of the party. This is one of the reasons that Twenty Three Layers makes sure that they take the time to find a venue that is going to do justice to the type of party that is being planned. When the right venue is chosen, then all of the other aspects of the party can be handled so that the event will be a hit among people.

Alfonso de Angoitia the Mexican Media world Titan behind Televisa

     Mexico City media landscape has experienced a rapid and profound change over the last two decades. Despite the few complaints that TV titans such as TV Azteca and Televisa are more centered on assisting the official government view rather than be involved in critical investigative journalism, the Mexican world of television was once dominated by Televisa. Relying on government ad revenue as well as state owned organizations has become a thing of the past. Mexico City occasionally dibs and dabs into political activity, however, a new era of media channels is unfolding to elucidate the nation’s political trends.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa. He has served as the Executive Vice President for well over a decade now and also served as the member of its Executive Office as the Chairman during the mid 90’s for about five years. He then went on to work as the chief financial officer until the year 2003.

Before joining the media business, Alfonso de Angoitia worked at White and Case LLP before founding one of Mexico’s leading law firm Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes Y Fuentes, S.C. Alfonso de Angoitia was the personal Attorney to the present CEO of Grupo Televisa Emilio Azcárraga. Alfonso de Angoitia and Emilio Azcarraga previously collaborated to financially and legally rebuild the organization as well as to gain operating control. Alfonso de Angoitia holds the Chairman position of the Board of trustees of Kardias A.C in addition to being a member of Fundación Mexicana para la Salud A.C. He has been a member of the board of trustees of the American School Foundation for over half a decade now.

Televisa is the most renowned media company in the Hispanic world. It is a prime member of the global entertainment business. The organization holds interests in gaming, global distribution of television programming, TV production broadcasting, satellite services, and production of pay-television networks, cable television telecommunication services, magazine publishing distribution, radio production broadcasting, Live sports entertainment, feature-film production distribution, and the operation of an internet portal.

Boraie Development – New Jersey’s Most Sought-After Residences

The U.S. surging real estate market epicenter is moving to New Jersey hence endangering the housing rebound within one of the thickly populated locales within the nation. As per real estate key tracking firm Zillow, New Jersey has outperformed most states by having the most elevated offers and rates of private home loans which are in abandonment and are amazingly reprobate. As a result, the real estate showcases in New Jersey are fundamentally trailing the nation.

Nevertheless, the dropping wrongdoing and rates of dispossession give an impression of the huge effects of the stringent post-emergency occasions and also the bettered fundamentals, for instance, the higher employment rates, the establishment of households and benefits of home costs. It is anticipated in the future that the positive patterns would proceed as the business keeps on moving its concentration in determining and settling deficiencies, increasing markets, and impending affordability. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

As indicated by the Realtor Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun at the National Association of Realtors, the deficiencies in housing are probably going to increase and may even transform into a housing crisis if there is an extending gap between housing demands and housing supplies. Given the inadequacy of homes for sell-offs and deals and the fast pace of offering recently built homes, housing licenses and falling housings are dumbfounding. In that manner, it suggests that there is a subsequent thousands of new properties hitting the market with the direness to sell before others.

According to WSJ, financial analysts are critical that the drop could without much of a stretch strengthen within the coming months as the building licenses went down in May. In spite of all that, New Jersey is on the cusps and nib of the real estate renaissance. Based on the Zillow and economic research, the costs of homes are anticipated to go up again.

Boraie Development provides a variety of administrations concentrated on all ranges of the urban real estate sector. These include sales & marketing, property management, and real estate development. The team is committed to building marvelous properties while giving unparalleled support of its Clients. You can visit Yahoo to know more.

The company’s specialty has dependably been working with the most grounded Financial Institutions, planners with vision and contract workers who comprehend deadlines to guarantee auspicious fruition and accomplishment of the entire activities. For advancement locales and additionally existing building acquisitions, the customer care team records customers to put their development package together in addition to specifications, plans, approvals and other essential data.

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Professor Sujit Choudhry’s Success in Constitutional Law

Professor Sujit Choudhry is a worldwide acknowledged authority on matter to do with comparative constitutional law and politics. Due to his expertise, Sujit has been invited in several countries to give his insights on matters related to his field. Professor Choudhry is currently the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the famous University of California, Berkeley-School of law where he also served as the dean. He was earlier New York University’s Cecelia Goetz Professor of law at and the University of Toronto’s scholl chair. His professional experience as a consultant to the building processes of the constitution has made him useful in countries such as Egypt and South Africa. He was also a Rhodes Scholar and a law clerk to Chief justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.  Refer to for additional article

Professor Sujit Choudhry’s research addresses diverse subjects in comparative law and politics including the constitutional design of managing the changeover from violent conflict to the peaceful democratic power. He is also a renowned publisher with more than ninety articles, working papers, reports, and book chapters. Sujit’s books include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas as well as The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution among others. Read more on

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Professor Sujit Choudhry was recently interviewed by CEOCFO magazine. During the interview, he revealed that the reason behind the Center for Constitutional Transitions was to generate mobilized knowledge in support of constitution building by assembling leading experts to produce evidenced based policy. Sujit Choudhry said that his law degrees from three different countries and the wide ranging policy experience are the contributing factors to his success. Sujit added that America may be facing the greatest international challenge to liberal democratic constitutionalism ever since the Second World War and that American exceptionalism has been punctured to main stream legal and political analysis. For the full interview, hit on

Professor Sujit Choudhry said that working globally with people of different cultures has enabled him to be more responsive and a keen listener. Everyone has a different take on issues. His vision over time has changed because it is said that having a fixed point of mind is a hindrance to good business, For Sujit’s service and contact info, hit

Jason Halpern’s Commitment to Engage in The Construction of Modern Properties

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a renowned real estate developer. He is the principal of JMH Development, a family business. Jason Halpern became the leader of the business in 2010. JMH Development has made investments worth $500 million in New York. The company has committed resources to a project located on 184 Kent. According to the Kent Development plan, 340 luxury apartments will be developed from a warehouse.

The Jason led company is a premier real estate development firm. The full service real estate organization is an experienced developer and owner of major commercial and residential properties in the United States. The entity has pioneered in establishing unique properties that have appealed to many people in different areas. The company has innovative developments in Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. JMH Development has continued to woo more customers in different cities as it continues to engage in new projects.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Notably, the professional team engages with all the stakeholders during the entire stages of the development process. These experts have extensive experience in the construction industry and property segments, including residential, mixed use, and hospitality. The development process has several stages that include due diligence, strategy, site design, building design, construction, as well as branding & marketing.

Jason Halpern and other professionals at JMH Development combine their unique marketplace knowledge, valuable on site professionalism, and development skills to deliver properties of the highest quality. JMH Development is also dedicated to working with clients to provide them with properties that satisfy their utility. The company’s philosophy is based on historic preservation. JMH Development focuses on restoration and adaptive reuse of historic properties.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

In 2014, JMH Development topped off the Aloft South Beach. The resulting project was a 235-room hotel that opened in Miami Beach in 2015. JMH Development and Madden Real Estate Ventures played an instrumental role in completing this project. The construction was an adaptive reuse of Motel Ankara. The hotel has an eight-story tower. ADD, Inc. served as the project’s architect while Plaza Construction was responsible for the construction work. The hotel was the first to open in South Beach since 2009. Its rooms are relatively bigger as they average 360 square feet.

Jason’s Family

Jason pointed out that JMH Development was excited about Aloft South Beach’s topping off. He noted that this process marked a great milestone in the construction process. The Aloft South Beach has a top waterfront location. It also enables people to access the Collins Canal.

JMH Development is credited for the Cobble Hill project that seeks to bring nine additional luxury townhouses to the Brooklyn area. Jason remains committed to developing innovative properties that can be used for both commercial business and rentals around New York. Jason Halpern is renowned for converting historical structures into modern buildings.